Always wondered how the “spring action ” seat was supposed to pivot at the front, all the bikes I have obtained simply have the front seat clamp left loose. Are these hat-shaped washers the correct parts to make a pivot?


  1. I think you are correct there, I plan to turn the washers around. But do you believe these are the correct parts? Are they still available, perhaps as repros? Or do I need to hoard what I have …

  2. I wish Schwinn would bring back the Krate. I had one with a metallic sparkling orange seat, while my best friend had the same but in metallic sparkling green. I miss the '70's.

  3. The flat parts of the "hats" belong on the inside. When you install standard flat washers on the outboard sides (as original), the sleeve portion of the hats will make contact with the flat outboard washers and create a tight fit.  Then, the seat can pivot on the sleeves yet still be snug on the seatpost.


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