I couldn’t find ANY information on the Schwinn Loop when looking to buy an inexpensive folding bike. I took a gamble and bought one on the cheap and made this video so future folding bike shoppers can see what one can get for around $200. This video was done in one take without a script, so be kind. 😉


  1. @Jon, great review well done, great pointers, good editing and very easy to listen, to the point.
    I'm looking to buy an older model on craigslist and this helps me a lot making the decision and understanding what I can do to make this bike feel better. It will be my first folding. We're getting a folding bike as a back up for when our bike brake down so we don't have to spend on bus and have a longer commute (we had some major issues and with our busy life and the fact our "repair shop" is our packing spot in the basement garage it can take a few days some times weeks if we have to order parts to repair our bike). We don't have room in our small condo for 3rd bike as a spare. It's also great for picking up a car2go or to mix car2go and biking when you can't bike to or back from work one day. We've look at the Free2Go small bike rack that fit good on the car2go but we learned that the company (car2go) doesn't allow it.  🙁 

    So all and all we ended with this solution and hope we see other use for the folding spare bike. It can be a great bike for or visitor too. 

  2. I really enjoyed your review. I'm looking for a similar schinn foldable bike model tango, sold in Canada. This helped a lot. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the detailed review. Obviously, the Loop is not a state of the art folding bike, but how many of us can afford anything state of the art? The Brompton folder made in the UK can't be surpassed for ergonomics, light weight and foldability, plus it offers a wide range of accessories like lighting, bags, and different gearing. The problem is the price they want. The lightest Bromptons use many tungsten parts and they charge around $2000 for that version. Still, the rock bottom version costs well over $1000. So the Loop looks to be a good compromise between usability and price. I'm not going to pay more for a folder than I would for a used car!

  4. Just ordered this baby today. I find foldable bikes very convenient for urban dwelling (ex: taking bike into the subway train). Hopefully my $259 is not wasted for nothing. BTW does this thing require some kind of construction or it just pretty much comes in one piece?

  5. This is an old review, but I didn't find it any less valuable in my search for a folding bike. Great job, very professional and it makes me wish you reviewed bikes on a regular basis! I was wondering about many of the parts and you pretty much answered all my questions. I took notes!

    Schwinn Loop

    Frame – Aluminum Alloy
    Fork – Steel
    Saddle – Heavy, Uncomfortable
    Seat Post – Steel, 550mm L
    Handlebar/Stem – Steel, Integrated, Folds down at base.
    Shifter – SRAM
    Crank – Steel, 3-Piece, Plastic Cover, 165mm Crank Length
    Pedals – One folds. Plastic
    Rear Derailleur – Shimano Low-End Component
    Brakes – V-Brakes, Steel, No-Name Cheap
    Brake Levers – Aluminum, Lightweight, Short reach
    Rims – 20" 24-Spoke, Lightweight
    Hubs – Steel
    Tires – Nice Street Tire
    Fenders – Plastic, nice.
    Rack – Integrated Aluminum, nice.

  6. I just bought this bike. How can I fold it so it stays folded? The frame and the front wheel swivels and does not stay in a closed position. Thanks.

  7. Great review! I need to use toe clips. Can I instal them on rubber pedals of this bike or I need to change pedals to metal ones?

  8. Can you tell me anything about the gearing of this bike–I'm most interested in the number of teeth on the chainring and on the largest rear sprocket. Also, are you still riding this bike? How did it hold up?


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