When we unleashed the Fat Ripper last year, it literally took the world by storm. Never before has a bike been able to literally monster truck everything! With its legendary PK Ripper styled 6066 aluminum frame design and Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks, mixed in with fat 26” x 3.5” tires and disc brakes front and rear, this bike simply can’t be stopped. The Fat Ripper is the definition of “BMX Innovations.” MSRP $849

More Photos, Full Spec & Geometry:



  1. Hows the gearing? My 26" Quadangle needed the rear sprocket changed out to a 21 tooth Shimano. It rides like a dream now though. SO much better than mountain bikes. Those are hard to get anywhere with but my Quadangle I can pretty much coast around and do circles around mountain bikers. Bigger tires could be interesting though.

  2. Balls! The Fat Ripper has disc brakes but the Big R doesn't. Need a 26" or Big Ripper with discs after riding mtn bikes for so long.

  3. Hate the 80's look !!!!! Flat black some chrome 1 or 2 SE small in gloss black SOLD !!!!!!!! The pads KILL it for me and the BIG RIPPER name down the tube suck .

  4. im 6'3". 280. Will I be cramped on this bike? Todd, how tall are you? I'm having such a hard time deciding between this and the om duro xl. for some reason this frame looks like it would stand up to more abuse than the om duro.

  5. hey man I've been ridding BMX allot, I currently have a Sunday and I would like to ride for you guys could I maybe get a sponsorship​ I will send u some vids.

  6. Man i wish i had the cash to buy this, My initials are PK so that would make it even better for me lol. If you are thinking about doing a give away please consider me! XD


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