From I finally get to ride the Sherco X-ride, another hybrid bike that is a blend of trials and enduro. Hybrid bikes are great if you like tinkering around in slow technical terrain, but also want to cruise along more open trails without riding aggressively. The X-ride provides a handy alternative to the Ossa Explorer, KTM Freeride and Beta Xtrainer. Essentially it’s the Sherco 290 trials engine dropped into a frame that is halfway between a trials bike and an enduro bike. So similar to a trials engine, it has the heavy flywheel so it doen’t rev up quickly, and has plenty of grunt and mid range power but no top end. And it has a typical trials five speed gearbox… the first three gears are all for low speed work then there are big jumps to fourth and fifth to give you an overdrive. When it comes to handling, the frame is definitely a mix of trials and enduro in terms of suspension, weight, geometry and turning circle. It won’t be as nimble as a trials bike, or stable at speed like an enduro bike, but a great compromise for everything in between. The 85cm seat height will be great news for shorter riders too. I was a bit surprised at the trials gearing as the higher gear ratios will be too awkward for riding a lot of open tracks. To my way of thinking, the X-ride is about a 70% trials and 30% enduro combination which could be perfect for many riders. Here is where I think the X-ride fits into the hybrid category.

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The project Sherco X-Ride was unveiled at Milan in late 2011. Since Sherco teams have continued to work to move from project to production. The production of this new model will be to plant Caldes of Montbui (Barcelona). With the X-Ride Sherco expands the range of models available on the market. This is a new concept motorcycle which takes its place alongside ranges trial, enduro and scooters. The Sherco X-Ride is not a trail, a motorcycle enduro or trial, it is a different bike with a world of possibilities for use on any terrain. Inherited the trial, the agility of its 290cc engine can overcome any obstacle. The chassis will take you without fail on the land most exceptional, even in extreme situations. The generosity of its engine, smooth and quiet attached to his exemplary framework you will use any land without limit and with a bike extremely comfortable and handy. The Sherco X-Ride is not a race bike, but it uses all Sherco experiences both in the trial, enduro and supermotard. Aspects away from exclusive racing bikes, the X-Ride is able to fulfill your desires to escape by taking you just as well on narrow paths, areas of high trialisantes that fast tracks (*). But the X-Ride can also use regular road and urban. With a fuel tank of 7 liters and consumption reduced to Sherco engine valve intake, the X-Ride has a high degree of autonomy. Ground clearance of 325 mm. and a weight of 87 kg give the X-Ride opportunities crossing uncommon. The production of the new bike is already a reality, and the first units have already left the factory Sherco Caldes de Montbui to roll on 5 continents.


  1. XTrainer looks much Beta!

    Still great to see this market segment growing, while the Japs are cutting numbers, Euros proving the market is there if you listen to what the market needs and wants! Japs have bad hearing!

    Nice work Sherco, they definitely seem to be on the up this brand and it's great to see, thank for sharing another cool option Barry!

  2. Good vid, is OSSA explorer still around? Was looking around a while back for one and didn't seem to be available.Certainly not in Australia.

  3. Interesting bike, thanks for the review. What about the size of the bike, did you encounter problems compared to more standard enduro bikes?

  4. Have you tried the electric KTM Freeride? Any thoughts on using it as a bike to learn some technical riding on? As far as I can see the positives are less noise, meaning I can ride it more here in tree-hugging Norway. The negatives are no clutch (so no relevant skills learnt there), and a bit more weight (108kg) than the lightweight bikes in this video.


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