Is Shimano Di2 better than mechanical? What’s it like using Di2 after using mechanical shifting for a long time? This in-depth review of Shimano Di2 will discuss these questions and more.

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  1. It is now Nov 2016. Can you give an update on your experience please. I have found your review the most honest. I am thinking o an upgrade. Happy Christmas to you. Trevor

  2. Hey Clint! Was hoping you could give me some advice on my decision between the Dura Ace 9100 mechanical and the Ultegra Di2. They are within about $100 of each other where I am and I wasn't sure which to go with. I would be upgrading from my full tiagra to Dura Ace or Ultegra. I'm sure this question would have an obvious answer for some but for me its not so obvious, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. I just upgraded my 2012 Trek Madone 5.2 with Ultegra Di2 and new wheels. I absolutely love the Di2, especially the front shifting. It was expensive, but I feel like I got a brand new $5K bike for $1800. I was having front derailleur problems for months, even after a shop adjustment. Granted it probably could have been fixed for $100-200, but the new front shifting is just so much better, it is ALMOST worth the cost just for that. (this is Marc, not Tamara).

  4. I have the new 105. I'd like to keep the cranks, bottom bracket, and cassette. What would I need to upgrade? Just the deuraliers and shifters? New to understanding electronic.

  5. Hi Clint just bought a Focus izalco max ultegra di2 disc road bike after years of been a giant fan and this system is fantastic

  6. I think a lot of it depends on what your expectations are and also what type of rider you are. I just bought a Tarmac with Di2 and to be honest the electronic shifting was the primary reason I got the bike. It's the coolness factor. But I mostly ride mountain bikes and just take the road bike out during the Summer in good weather and never more than 3 hour rides. Also I'm not racing so for me the demands of the system aren't as great. I've ridden the bike a few times and so far have no complaints at all. It does take a while to get used to the sound of the servo motor on the front derailleur though.

  7. I thought about getting electronic shifting, but after that you said that the battery failed, I'm unsure whether to get it or not. I'll probably not get it until they come up with more reliable batteries.

  8. That was a great review. Would think Lithium Ion would have issues with temperature range and over discharge. Checked the discharge temperature range and that should not be an issue. However it seems the voltage could be an issue. Perhaps Shimano set that too low or is the way that battery is packaged causing it to somehow short?

  9. It is really appealing to not have stuck cables and only worry about battery charging. Surprised that cleaning or lubricating does not hurt the systems.

  10. You should have bite control/lever reach…check under the lever between the lever and lever body I believe it's a 2mm wrench you will have to use the ball end

  11. Did you make an update to this video? Contemplating updating my groupset to the R8070 Di2 when it comes out later this month. Not quite sold 100% on it just because I’m a traditionalist and like the reliability of the mechanical.

  12. 1. the tool for cables comes with the shifters, unless you (or the shop) buys a bike "out of the box" (big box, bike almost ready to ride)
    2. learn to ride don't need that much power as when the leaver is all on..and leaver can be set up to feel "harder"
    3 please set up the junction box neater and cut the rubber band

  13. you can bodge the lever pull for the brake pad contact point. simply pull the lever while the weel is removed from the bike to push the pistons out just a little bit more then they would when the disc is in place. then install the weel and center the caliper which now has a little less tolerance between the pad and disc rotor.


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