A good quality well thought out Cycling shoe made specifically for the triathlon market.

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  1. Also one more thing with the velcro from outside. It's much safer to pull the velcro up after putting the foot in. Instead how it is in other shoes down with the hand into the road. When your hand would slip out accidentally (due to water for eg) it's much safer when it happen UP instead of DOWN into the road. Also the friend of mine who just begin the Tri journey notice that he has problems with stretching down to put stick his velcro down in "regular" closing shoes.

  2. For this to be a review it needs to compare the shoes to the state of art. Like, show the differences between this one and a set of other ones. Plus, discussion of pros and cons. Lacking this it's either an opinion piece, presentation, or disguised ad.

    That said, I (male, size EU40) found them to be way too narrow at the front. This triangle/peeptoe/banana curvature isn't for me, unless one size larger. But then the shoe becomes too long.


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