We pick six of the best 2015 road bikes

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  1. Where's the TREK Emonda SL and SLR series? That new series needs to be really looked at for 2015. I own one and rips all 5 you have here.

  2. Now it is clearly notable that the the frame designs are changing from what was on the market just 3 years ago. 'Everything aero' is now new trend. Even the shape of the stem is so streamlined

  3. And the winner is the best bike in shape…oh well yeah…throw in the best rider in shape too. Lol I've read comments here of bikes probably as good, when you're in this league you can't go wrong. All is left is effort, and give my pockets a break.

  4. Beautiful bikes, but the only people who can afford them are the fat and bloated "mamil" posers who should be out playing golf instead of getting in my way of the cafe latte line at my local cafe!

  5. How about a video for the rest of us that have a life other than worshiping at the carbon fiber alter of extravagance. I'll never have the means to own one of these.

  6. R2 does not come with those cranks or seatpost

    Also, you should slap yourself for choosing the R2 over the S3. The S3 essentially has every trick offering from Cervelo all wrapped up in one bike…….Not including the new C5, it's way different.

  7. This vid should be renamed "6 overly expensive bikes that unless you are a professional bike racer wont make a lick of difference in your time or your preformance on the bike" If your gonna upgrade….upgrade the engine. : )


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