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whyte –
cervelo –
Spesh –
Trek –
Canyon –
Cannondale –

Sportive bikes provide the added comfort needed for longer rides but there is plenty of choice. Here are our choice of six sportive bikes that we consider the best


  1. Budget conscious cyclists looking for good sportive bikes should check the whole Canyon Endurace range, not just the carbon one; I'd also give a look to Cube Attain models. By the way choosing a road bike is getting really confusing with sportive/endurance/gravel bikes all blending in while trying to suggest that you need each one of them, when most of us just need a not too aggressive bike with clearance for reasonably comfortable tyres.

  2. I dont get all the talk about making frames more compliant by altering carbon layup. Why cant you just run wider tires with a bit less pressure. In my opinion that gives oodles more comfort.

  3. We want damping in our bike not some silly "relaxed geometry" to make the ride comfortable. If it cannot dampen shocks from potholes/patches, what's the point of having "sportive bike"?

  4. i think this video caused me to unsubscribe. maybe we are spoilt with all the awesome cycling content available on youtube but this was really bad. the presenter sounds like he would rather be doing just about anything other than reading off an advertising sheet. didn’t even bother doing any research at all. i have never heard Trek Domane pronounced Domain in my life! if your going to bother with a whole video i’d google pronunciations of nouns, at the least.

    GCN, BikeRadar, and a TON of the even the amateur youtubers have more informative and enthused content..


  5. If only that zig-zag Specialized seatpost would work but it doesn‘t and is just utterly ugly. Its designer deserves a punch in the face.

  6. I'm glad we all have our opinion. I think you Europeans never give Giantv enough credit. The Defty and TCR are definitely worthy for this video.


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