In this multi-part series, Park Tool’s own Calvin and Ben build a skinny wheelset for Calvin’s fat bike. In this final installment of the build, Calvin and Ben glue tubular tires onto their freshly-built rims.

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  1. I fold about a 1" piece of the protective plastic out near the valve stem before mounting the tire. One the tire is aligned just pull the strip out.

  2. Why would any normal person go through all this just to put a tire on! 😧 I'll stick to my regular tires! 🖐️😬

  3. Парни молодцы , интересно даже посмотреть , а где вы находитесь ?

  4. 12 to 24 hours to dry, get a flat and the days over, not to mention the next day will be spent fixing flats, lol, I have always despised this process as a mechanic this was the worst job someone could request when I was working in the industry.

  5. wow ..just not worth the tiny small hardly of a different change of riding to go through. I dont got that much of time in my travels for something ridiculous. . zzzzzzz

  6. Calvin & Ben – the Abbot & Costello of bike maintenance :.)

    Great video as always. Been using the tape for ages and far prefer it over glue – try peeling back a couple of inches of the protective tape and folding over to one side at each end and then fit the tubular and then once your happy with its position just pull the protective tape out and then check position again and then fully inflate the tyre.

  7. What about mentioning the desirability of stretching a 'green' tubular (we call them 'singles' in Australia) on an unused tubular rim for several weeks to get it round, before gluing it on? That's an important part of it all, unless you want a lumpy ride that wears tyres out quickly.

  8. Before cleaning the rim, would it be recommended to rough up the gluing surface of the rim (via sandpaper or something) in order for the glue to stick better? Is this unnecessary or even detrimental?


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