I’ve got a new SV650! I talk about the best bike I’ve commuted on and the pros and cons on the major types of bike for commuting.

Plus, there are two men at the end passing whisky between vans, not really sure what was going on there


  1. Totally agree with you on the sports bike transition. My wrists were the same coming from my supermoto but I needed something other than it for dual carriageway and they are better for filtering and thinner. good video mate

  2. Aah I miss the sound of this bike already! Although my time on it was mostly motorway rides. Yeah my wrists did kill after riding to Newcastle on it haha. The engine braking is so good on it though, I'd pick a long gap in the slow lane and hold the clutch, just to let it roll while I shook my right hand out! Enjoy the bike J! I'm after a Guzzi next, kind of feel like I'll always love the V-twins now 😀
    Regards, Tom


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