The 2014 Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc was released recently! We were so excited we got straight to work on a review of this iconic hybrid bike!


  1. hi, could i use a 700×32 tyre on grass and ground paths with some rocks or i need a thicker tyre? answers would be very appreciated i just bought a new bike with this thick of tyres and i only had mountain bikes before

  2. I own this bike, and I would urge you to buy two models above the sport disc.  I love this bike for being so great a such a variety of riding paths, but the sport disc does need better derailleurs and better brakes.  Don't get me wrong, you get a great bike when you buy the sport disc, but most experienced riders would rather pay more to get a better drive train and brakes.   I got a great value with my sport disc at $850   but I am putting a road transmission similar to 105 on it, and upping the brakes to somewhere near slx or xt.

  3. I still have my 2012 Crosstrail and ride atleast 20 miles/day!  Love this bike and am looking forward to purchasing a new one once my '12 Crosstrail tells me "its time for a new one of me".  Only negative thing I can say is that replacing the front derailleur cable is ridiculous due to how they designed the cables going underneath the downtube, which makes no sense because placing the cables in that position will obviously pick up the dirt and water washed up by the front tire. 

  4. Hi, So I just bought a 2015 Crosstrail Disk (Basic?) with the A1 frame, is there a big difference from mine too a Crosstrail Pro Disk? Any difference from the A1 frame to the M4? I'm sure the hydraulic brakes and the SRAM goodies are way smoother than mine but is it very notable?  Thanks

  5. I have one of these 2014 Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc it has done very little mileage mostly on flat tarmac and the bearings on the front cogs are groaning all ready. I suspect it'll soon need a new set of head bearings as well. I also ride a Giant Defy 2 road bike. The defy is a bike that just keeps on giving joy, where as the Crosstrails Sports is a little exposed as being a bike worth every penny you paid for it and nothing more if you know what I mean.  


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