We want this bike. Every part on the Demo seems like it was hand-selected for its ultimate intention, rather than draped as an afterthought.

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  1. Tests were done on Wasabi, a DH trail in Flagstaff, AZ. They may have also done a few laps on Private Reserve, because Wasabi is definitely the tamer of the two trails. AZ FTW!!!

  2. for almost evrey top DH bike/ frame I've heard mixed review of them, but it seems no one I met or read online says they don't like demo 8, even the older ones. It is almost surprising that specialised can make a bike that no one hates..

  3. This is like the fifth or sixth time I watch this video.. I cant wait for next year I'll pick up a 2015.

  4. As a XC rider I completely agree. I Rented the Demo 8 at a local DH Park and felt at home within a run. Instant fan and have no interest in anything else. Everyone I talked to at the park said the same.

  5. I wish your channel could show more of the bike and talk us through… Show some close up shot of all the bikes you guys review…. Hopefully next videos will do.

  6. So, Demo 8 or Kona Operator from 2014????
    I don't wanna hear any from brand haters, would like to hear a verdict from someone who actually tried them both!!!

  7. Just brought an 09 demo 8 hopefully some of the points in the vid relate to that model Evan know it's an older model, it's a bike if always wanted to own so we will see ! thanks for a great vid


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