Taking a close look at the Specialized Turbo Levo (S-Works edition) electric bike.

Later we discovered the bike is putting out a lot more wattage than what specialized claims. See our test and findings here:

See Matt’s hack that takes the 20mph limit off the Specialized Levo here:


  1. Why are they reviewing ebike from another company? Probably $$ endorsement. But I really do like Luna cycles keep up the good work!

  2. I bought a BBSHD from you guys and put it on my Salsa Mukluk fat bike and live it. I never put the throttle on it. I use 9 settings of assistance and very rarely ride above level 3 and usually on 1 in the trails. It would be nice to own the Levo but don't have that kind of $$$. Maybe some day but for now my BBSHD is perfect. Thanks guys. ??

  3. Specialized is based right in Morgan Hill California, guys. Headed up by a dude who went to San Jose State.
    Germany? Switzerland? nope.
    I wonder if that might change your philosophy on 'EU peddle-assist' vs 'US throttle'?
    Maybe there is room and customers for both ways of thinking.


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