Review of the SpeedX Leopard Pro bike frame, discussion about the aerodynamics and other design aspects of the frame.

Reviewed frame is a “54cm” (BB to top of seat tube).

Check out my other videos about the SpeedX Leopard Pro:

Quick Fit on Rollers:
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Just The Seatpost:

Thanks for watching and happy trails!


  1. Why they didn't offer a seatpost with zero setback option is one thing I cannot understand. I see you had to slide the saddle forward a bit to compensate for the reach. That's a really steep frameset. Good review though! Thanks

  2. Seen all the four videos of yours on this bike. Good information. Thanks. Btw, what would be your overall comment?

    Since you own a SpeedX, I have few more questions, if you would like to answer.

    How good is the ride on dry and wet roads, on rough roads, up hill, downhill?
    How about braking?
    How are the shifters?
    How about the on-board computer and its compatibility with phone? Does it allow to download data via usb?
    Overall, is it a good buy?


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