This one was a bit of a surprise! SRAM has trickled its Eagle 12spd tech all the way down to GX level. With the same (sized) 10-50t cassette and very similar design, we’re hoping for XX1 / X01 levels of performance, with a little extra weight.

Cassette – 447g, £170/$195
Rear mech – 291g, £95/$110
Crankset – 634g, £105/$120 (GXP) £125/$140 (BB30)
Shifter – 122g, £30/$40
Chain – 275g, £25/$30


  1. I think this is great! makes 12 speed more accessible to your average rider! I feel this will be found on complete bikes soon. would you be able to use an oval chain ring with this? do sram do a gx oval? great review 🤘

  2. Sram please do a proper gearbox. Even if it is twice more expensive than the XX1 Eagle, I will consider buying it since the modern chain-derailleur-cassette design is completely obsolete in my mind.

  3. Will this require the xd driver hub body? I was under the impression that 11 speed gx would work with just about any old 11 speed hub.

  4. can you upgrade the whole drivetrain except the crankset? (would you be able to fit in in a raceface aeffect?)

  5. Can anyone give me examples on where you could possibly need a 30/50 gear? In my experience on some rough terrain and heavy climbs I never went lower than 36/20.

  6. can i put that shifter to shimano deore xt brakeset? because that shifter is i-spec thanks for the answer.

  7. I have leonardi general lee  on my bike : 9 to 45 tooth, 11 speed, 500% gear range.

    If you want more gear range go for the E-thirteen 9-46 TRS R : 9 to 46 tooth, 11 speed, 511% gear range

    For me it's a "no go" for eagle.

  8. How's this on the chains? That's a big cassette. With the wide gear ratio in the back and the stationary front ring does this effect the chain in any way? IE Stretching, faster wear etc.

  9. Don't you tidy up your workshop before doing a video? I tidy mine up whenever a customer is coming round.

  10. Although I am a big fan of SRAM shifting systems for both MTB and road, I find all this 1 by a big non-sense for most riders, especially for XC.
    What is the sene in eliminating the front mech in the pursue of weight saving, if you add 150 grams extra in the casette that you have to spin up the climbs with bigger gaps between gears? And the need to change chainrings according to the terrain is an extra hassle. In the real world, most riders would do better with a 2×10.
    I'll continue to support SRAM products that make sense, this is not the case for me.

  11. man i have a votec vf 195, it has a 9 speed casette… do you think i can mount the sram eagle on that bike? i tried my best to answer it trough google but i cant find info please help.

  12. It's not surprising to get the price that low at all (and it's not really low), it's just that push the price on the high end stuff way higher than it's worth. That is the business model, however, of any manufacturer selling high or low end models of any product.

  13. Dont fall for marketing bs. Gearing is not lower than 3×10. Especially on a 29er. Gaps between gears are noticeable. Cassette is still more expensive to replace. 1x often creates bad chainline. Works better than 1×11 though! Might work better for shorter trail rides and real rough terrain

  14. looks like sram wants to price themselves out of business with all those VERY Pricey XD cassettes……………'s gotten ridiculous !
    Only reason i have loved Sram was they were fairly priced in the past & i love grip shift.
    Damn, i wish shimano made high quality grip shift so i wouldn't need to stay with sram !!!
    Shimano, MAKE a grip shift for your deore,slx,xt & xtr line & i will STAY with you !!!!!!!!

  15. Holy Cow mtbers that I care about, been there since it was 5 spd, then 10 spd, then 18, 21, 24, 27, 2×10, 1×10, 1×11, 1×12, 1×13 ? Ahhh! Just put on a 11-36 10 spd cassette-$40, a ten spd shifter-$30, and a $50 10 spd derailer, choose a 26 28 or 30 and go ride ur bike !


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