SRAM have updated their game changing one-by drivetrains to 12-speed. BikeRadar’s Jon Woodhouse gives his verdict from his first ride out in Italy.


  1. It's gonna be good for starters….Where?

    SRAM has been saying this since they introduced 2×10 and their new drive systems only become more and more expensive. Where is the AFFORDABLE no front mech drive system SRAM keeps babbling about? Is this new 11 speed one that costs as much as an entire bicycle?

  2. The question I have is this. What kind of hills are people trying to climb these days to need a 52 tooth rear cog ??? I live in Austin, Texas and ride XC. For here 11 34 is all you really need. That cassette looks like a Jekyel / Hyde experiment went completely amuck.

  3. A fucking bit of metal that changes your gear on a pedal bike? Well you can eather buy that & put it up your asshole or you can pay for your drivers licence & buy a car.

  4. Trickle down? I think not. I read that they're purposely not trickling down because people are running out to buy these faster than they can make them. BTW, Shimano now has a 11-46 cassette, and it's available in their XT line (so people can actually afford it). An 11-42 is now available in SLX. If that's not enough, OneUp makes a 50T cog you can add, AND a 10T minidriver if you must have that 10T sprocket! I see very little reason to get the SRAM system right now. Here's the OneUp 50T.×11

  5. I wonder if not having a front derailleur is a fad. I like my bike to be all-purpose. Having that 22/24 tooth ring does wonders to steep climbs, especially with a 42 in the back. Trying to do it all with a single front chainring makes too many compromises. I'm already maxing out downhills with my 38 going to an 11 in the back on my 29er. I see bikes with 30T chainrings. How am I supposed to go fast with a 30T chainring?

  6. I keep saying I wish they would go back to 9 spd again. I find I don't shift through each and every gear on the cassette, it is usually 2 cogs or more at a time because of the gradient changes. So why do I need 11 or 12 cogs? I also like having 2 rings up front and I like to shift between them. Not having that option just seems odd to me. I use to really like Sram components but I'll never buy into this 1x system. I feel they just keep putting out this new technology to make stuff thinner and less reliable over time to get you to replace parts more often.

  7. I have had a problem with being able to shift to my 12th gear on my eagle xo1 drivetrain and i was curious if you might know how i can get to shift to the 12th gear? any tuning tricks or ways to fix this?

  8. I fix all this 'stuff' for a living. If you ride fast and hit big obstacles this stuff is pretty good. I rode 1×11 xx1 definitely noisy and had wear issues. I rode 1×12 eagle certainly an improvement, much quieter.cant comment on durability yet. The stuff is way overpriced. XT is a much better value you can get 4 cassettes and 2 chains for price of sram. Chainline sucks period. The gaps between each gear are too wide. Youre always in not quite the right gear. I ride singlespeed and fixed most on my personsl bikes. I also like 3×10 on long mtb rides with lots of big mtns

  9. I also have a cx bike geared 24×42/11-30 9 spd. This is real nice for long distance,big mtns and loaded touring. Ill ride this just about anywhere my mtn bikes go including rocks roots and technical trails. Ive used homemade 1×7,8 ,9 setups. Work great but chainline is the key to make it operate smoothly. Remember its just stuff! The rider is what makes the wheels turn. I have the most fun on old simple bikes and Ive owned quite a few 'nice' bikes

  10. One last comment: I'd never buy this stuff! Way overpriced,expensive replacements. I'm not an aggressive downhiller. I like 'deathrides' and feats of endurance and pain

  11. Sram stop your stupied idea with you new concept again 1 after year's +1+1+1 lol we are not sheep with you new standar :/

  12. This is retarded…. Drivetrain is not all about gear range- for me even 1×11 11-42 is unusable cause the jumps between cogs are too big… I'm rocking 2x system and I'll never change that because its just not fun for me to jump between cogs just to realise that both of them of them are either too slow or too fast cadence…

  13. Hello i ride a bmc sport elite hardtrail, and i wonder if i can upgrade 2×10 to 1×12? I hope that you answer.

  14. By the time I need a replacement 1x 21 will be available. Or, the trend will come full circle and 3x will be the new grail, again.


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