Fixed Gear by State Bicycle Company unboxing – Abacabb 2.0 with flip flop hub right out of the box


  1. I want to buy an bike like that could u tell me where did u buy it and how much for that will be cool

  2. Im Sorry but I'd much rather have the option of freewheeling while going 55km/h down my local hill. bike looks beautiful though

  3. I'm thinking of buying a state fixie but I can't find a state cycles dealer here in the Philippines. What do you guys think of purefix fixies or the jamis beatnik 2014? I know of their hi-tensile steel frame which is not that good. I really don't care about the weight just the durability and shock dampening.

  4. m8 you forgot to tighten the lock ring which means your gear is going to slip and you didn't grease you're seat post which means that it is going to cease and you also didn't grease the threads on the pedals. face palm

  5. i approve of the brake. now you only need a bell 😉
    reacting to the "ring-ring" is hard wirded, poeple will react quick, and you dont have to yell at them from a distance, when youre going fast.

  6. How tight do you tighten the rear wheel 15mm bolt to the frame? I was riding fixed and the wheel shifted because it wasn't tight enough. I have an aluminum frame. Do you just turn as hard as you can?


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