The Stromer ST5 is one of the fastest accelerating, yet quietest, most technologically advanced electric bikes on the market today, seamless battery integration, hidden wires, pressure-sensitive touch screen with anti-theft and GPS tracking. Custom motor tuning via iOS and Android app, peak motor torque output of 48 Nm and 800+ watts, electronic shifting with Shimano Di2 and XTR derailleur with clutch (to reduce chain bounce), narrow-wide chainring to reduce drops. Large 203 mm hydraulic disc brakes from TRP designed to cool fast, both brake levers activate bright mode for the rear light as well as recoup, five levels of recoup to simulate hills or recharge the battery on long descents. Sturdy tubular alloy fenders with optional cargo rack, custom Pirelli tires, antishock seat post, premium Ergon grips and saddle, 4.5 amp fast charger with magnetic plug, bluetooth auto-locking and unlocking, relatively heavy at 66.5 lbs and very expensive at 10-grand.

– Onboard display overview at 12:32 and 23:57
– Horn test at 14:52, Stromer CEO and Global VP at 15:46
– Smartphone app at 30:33, Ride test at 36:54, Testimonials at 48:33


  1. My Stromer ST2 was 7500 a lot of money I road it 48 miles each way to work. Charged 2x per day. I saved 5 dollars each day in bridge tolls. The bike just turned 14,000 miles. This bike works day in and day out. Unlike all the home built haters. Maybe should ride the bike. No rad is going 14,000 miles. If you want a cheep Chinese bike get a Juiced bike at least they are in factory keeping quality to a higher level. Then kickstart or indigo go junk. Throttle dies in first rain, motor controller dead in 6 months.

  2. This bike cost more then my used car… Lol. Surprised by the hub motor. I thought the middrives were more premium.

  3. This bike looks absolutely stunning,I love the way you don't see any cables. But the price is just ludicrous. I would love one of these but it would take me years to save up for it. Damn I hate being so poor.

  4. 10k……. why not just buy a car. stuff like this will never help push electric bikes into the mainstream. this is silly
    the first company to make a basic under $600 e-bike wins

  5. You probably should have saved the list price until the end. I spent the last 57:17 listening to you try to justify why anyone should invest 10k for this bicycle. Being an owner of a couple electric bikes I wanted to see exactly what components and features this bike has to motivate someone to pay that type of money. If you want to position yourself to be the Porsche or Mercedes of the ebike industry superior looks and performance have to justify it. This bike has neither. For that price they could have at least gone carbon fiber.

  6. Hi Court great review thanks. im looking for a fast e bike to be my support vehicle with my dial a driver service. Since 2014 ive been using an evolve all terrain longboard on short jobs under 10km. While an e bike that folds would be ideal some of the journeys are over 30km back to my car and i would be biking on the open road. im after something light weight sleek streamline and fast. Possibly 26inch that light enough to carry on a folding bike carrier.

  7. so many other options out there with brands that do just about anything to get their bikes to sell for 5k and here is Stromer offering less bike for an astounding 10k lol

  8. This bike is ridiculously overpriced. And it's 20 lbs. heavier than bikes that cost thousands of dollars less. Ripoff!

  9. As soon as I saw the bike, I was surprised by lack of suspension ! How they can claim a high end bike without suspension ?! For me no even it was a thousand dollar. Apparently non of designers tried it 😀

  10. Replaces your car huh? Love to see ya get 3 friends in your e-bike and a couch on the roof and then ride it 300 miles in an afternoon … post a video of that and I'll give it a like 😉

  11. Here in the Netherlands, last year, 2017, over 2500 Stromer electric bikers were sold….
    I also bought one!

  12. Please do a video, this bike vs the stealth e-bike like the stealth bomber / B52 – which is around the same price

  13. One thing that struck me straight away is – no suspension AT ALL! The stealth bike has full front and back suspension


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