I bought my Subaru this year and can I tell you – I have LOVED it! I am not endorsed by Subaru or anything, but they have made my life a lot easier in the cycling world. I also have purchased a Thule rack (Thule T2 and a Thule T2 918XTR), and that has been very beneficial to me. Thule has sent me their latest fat bike rack, so stay tuned for another review about that! Keep cycling strong – thanks for watching!

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  1. I'm considering  the same Rack on my 2014 Subaru Forester. My question is have you consider the weight on such a long rack on the hitch?  I mean 4 bikes with the lever effect of the rack on the hitch, even though it`s a Class III 2 inches hitch.

    Also, is it quick and easy to put the T2 add-on on and off while we only need to carry 2 bikes?


  2. can you imagine how much nicer your Subaru would be if the back window either rolled down or lifted open separate from the actual gate…  This would make much better access to the cargo area when the bike rack is on. That's my only problem with the Outback… now I drive a 4runner. (back window rolls down on the 4runner) 

  3. Oh hello! Have you found out about Binnot Amazing Cycling Training (do a search on google)? Ive heard some incredible feedback about it and my GF got great results with it. 

  4. We own a Thule T2 with the 4 bike rack also and there is a lot of wobbling going on with or without bikes.  I purchased a StowAway Hitch Tightener that I hope will help with this problem.  The other issue we have is that the rack tilts back when it is in its upright position and appears that it is going to fall back.  We tighten it but once again it goes back to the same tilting position.  Do you have the same problem and if so what have you done to resolve problem?

  5. Just wanted to say that I own a Kuat Sherpa hitch mount bike rack and it addresses and answers all of the concerns you listed with the Thule rack. Only issue with the Sherpa is it by default only holds two bikes. Fine for my purposes, but if you want to carry 4 bikes, check out the Kuat NV.

  6. I am very disappointed with my thule hitch mounted rack. My bike has fallen off sevral times!!! The reason is the rubber traps that are suppose to HOLD the bike on are to short for today's Mountain Bikes It seems CRAZY to make this mistake and not offer a correction for this rather danderous defect.

  7. Harbor Freight sales a hitch extender for 29.00. Its a hitch adaptor that will raise the height 3 to 4 inches, this will prevent your bike rack from bottoming out…Hope this helps

  8. I hope people will get fines more and more for having their licence plates hidden by those stupid racks. Plates has to be visible at ALL times, and police officers has the right to issue you a ticket.
    And what's the point to carry an empty bike rack all the time, gang of fucktards??

  9. Most hitch manufacturers measure tongue weight 8 inches away from hitch. And a typical passenger hitch is rated at 200 lbs tongue weight. What is the weight of 4 bikes and rack in your setup?

  10. Good review, I like the tip you gave about looking your bikes.
    One thing I've noticed in other reviews is that you should put the heavier bikes in the front of the rack closest to your vehicle.


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