The Surface 604 Boar E750 Hunter is a camouflaged fat tire electric bike complete with sturdy racks and a powerful 750 watt motor, responsive torque-sensing pedal assist and throttle on demand. Powerful 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes, sturdy alloy platform pedals, stiff 15 mm thru-axle with quick release on the front wheel and a tapered head tube for suspension compatibility. Optional suspension seat post and larger battery pack upgrades, integrated USB charging port for maintaining accessories or off-grid power, plush gel saddle and adjustable stem. Available in two frame sizes for improved fit, I wish it had a chain guide to prevent drops, front rack is not frame mounted and could impact steering, throttle is assist-level dependent vs. open.


  1. If I ever needed a fat bike this would be high on my list, great components, power, cool storage racks. I can see running it on a beach with a surfboard hunting bikini babes , beers & tasty waves, lol

  2. 55th!! Anyways, I really like the camo pattern. Just wish it had the Bafang ultra mid drive on it. Thanks again Court.

  3. Dude I love the bikes you review and you're THE ebike expert online, but your videos are soooo long! If you edited your audio over 'in action' footage you could have the same amount of information in half the length. I want to watch this review but it's almost half an hour!

  4. HAHAHAHAA!!! Looks like you were having an absolute blast at the end there!! I know the feeling. Electric fat bikes are so much fun.

  5. The big tires help but I would always want suspension on the front and something for the seat. That said it's a neat bike, theme and good price point. Appreciate your time with this, there's always something different and that helps set you apart.

  6. great video…
    instead of a chaincatcher, I would dugest a narrow-wider chainring, engagement feels nicer, and the looks are preserved…

  7. Is this better than the Ripcurrent S? Before I put my downpayment on it, I also looked at the Surface and Rad. I don't need all the safety stuff that the Rad has, so the Surface was my 2nd choice.

  8. Very nice…but they stopped making the E350 boar .that I was going to get…now iam not sure what to get…need help

  9. Oh boy,

    what a beautiful bike. Such a great camouflage color scheme when you are in
    the woods shooting pictures of wild animals.

    What a shame – it is not allowed here because it has too much
    power in the motor.

    I wish there would be a model with a motor which would be compatible with German laws!

    You can build a slap guard from a part of an old tube. As they are black it has the
    perfect color for this bike. 😉

  10. My Bosch Cube EMTB would have climbed that hill. Hub motors are sports cars….Mid Drives are jeeps. I prefers my Stromer ST 2 to my jeep most days but my jeep can be fun as well.

  11. I’m very interested in this Boar hunter bike. I was wondering, in comparison to the Rambo 750 watt bike, which do you personally prefer? I’m new to ebikes and wonder between the Boar and the Rambo which seems to have the better quality components and offers more for the money? I really like them both, but I’m really impressed with the Camo dip paint job and the nice duel racks. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  12. I really like that kickstand most!, many fat tire models don't have them. That's the first upgrade that I did to my Felt Lebowsk-e Fat tire ebike then installed a Old Man Mountain rear rack adjustable handlebar stem. This contraption has basically replaced a vehicle. I'm 65 and can't stay off it. Lol


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