The Surface 604 Rook is a relatively affordable, well-supported, feature packed electric bike with plastic fenders, a chain cover, integrated LED Lights, and an adjustable suspension fork. With shorter reach and an adjustable-angle stem, this ebike feels pretty upright and relaxed, the gel saddle and basic ergonomic grips provide a lot of comfort, along with the fatter tires. Available in two frame sizes and two beautiful color schemes (satin white or black), pedal assist feels smooth and natural because it uses a torque sensor, satisfying trigger throttle, hydraulic disc brakes with motor inhibitors. The tires are pretty basic (no puncture protection or reflective stripes), the plastic fenders are durable but rattle more than steel or aluminum, sturdy rack with pannier rods and bungee loop, great kickstand, optional suspension seat post.


  1. The design of this electric bicycle takes some getting used to. It looks very stable, but it is not very elegant. No matter. The video is varied and your information is great. All together a worth seeing contribution. Thank you Court. πŸ™‚

  2. … This thing looks better than the Pedego City Commuter from your last video, for half the price + better placed batterie. Some parts of the Pedego where better and the weldings where smoother, but this is a perfect example, how stupid the price ranges are today.
    Like the whole design of this bike, it’s really beautiful.

    Just one question a silver motor on a black n white bike? ^^ Please make it black, Surface…

  3. Rook looks perfect for my wife. Boar is a bit too much for me but the Shred looks perfect. Do you have a review of the Shred coming shortly

  4. Nice bicycle at a good price, I do not say this cause I live in Vancouver, I say it because I am fair and my recommendation is accurate.

  5. The late afternoon/early evening mood of this review is rather exotic. But, just so you know, it gets little difficult to see mechanical details like shifters or shocks, etc. Nice to meet golfer Bill…he adds a cool element to the review! Thanks, Court!

  6. Nice big display in the center of the handlebars. So many companies like to put the display off to the side or like the Stromer st2, on the top bar, which makes no sense. This bike looks like it has a good fit and finish to it. Thanks Court, and enjoy your weekend.

  7. Great episode court. I tried to look at the specs on the site & was unable 😒. Is that your bike ? . If so, great choice. Bafang makes some quality, powerful motors πŸš΅πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“.

    Great content & review.


  8. Nice review. Thanks for your effort ! Could you please add a cat to your videos (or a dog). I've been watching a lot of cat videos lately & in fact I'd be watching one now if I weren't watching your video. So a cat or a dog just kind of hanging out in the background (just for a few seconds) at various points in your videos would be a nice touch.

  9. Great review Court, as always. Love the look of the bike as well as the more reasonable price than the previous Pedego City Commuter BE in your previous video. I guess with so many choices in the market there is something for everyone. BTW, do you know if there will be an Electric Bike Expo 2018 touring the country like last year? I've been looking for events close to me so I can test ride some of these bikes, but no luck so far. Do you have any info? Thx and keep up the excellent reviews. Love your work.

  10. Looks like a carbon copy of the Voltbike Elegant but with a torque sensor. I wonder if they're coming out of the same factory.

  11. Cort
    Looks like surface 604 upgraded derailer for 2018. Any other changes? Just about ready to start riding my rook up here in Michigan
    I still think it’s an awesome bike….period.

  12. Ok. I got it boiled down to evo eco and surface 604. Anyone have any opinions on both or a comparison between the two?


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