The Surface 604 Shred is a value-priced hardtail electric mountain bike with 9-speed Acera drivetrain, plus sized tires, higher top speed of 28 mph, trigger throttle, and a super-responsive torque + cadence sensing bottom bracket. Available in two frame sizes for improved fit and comfort, optional 14 amp hour battery upgrade to extend range, sturdy adjustable-angle stem, decent 120 mm spring suspension fork with preload and lockout. Good sized 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes with motor inhibitors on both levers, rear-rack bosses, bottle cage bosses, bright integrated headlight, and an adjustable-length kickstand add utility for urban use. The geared hub motor felt very capable but doesn’t stand out too much, charging port on the battery pack is a little vulnerable near the left crank arm, no chain guide or narrow-wide chainring to prevent drops, basic 2-amp charger, standard axle diameters and widths vs. boost and thru-axles.


  1. Nice looking bike! I like the clean lines and subtle paint job. Surface 604 lists the hub motor as eMTB specific and the torque at 65Nm. Does this make it a better steep hill climber? Did you have a chance to take it up any hills? I know mid drives are the steep hill winners, but at this price point it would be nice to have something that is capable even if you need to add a little more pedal power. Thanks Court!

  2. Great bike , the right features. Love the tire size. Needs a bash guard to cover the teeth on the crank sprocket. Super bike great price. Need a hill test !

  3. Now this is a great deal. You get a lot of electric bike for this price point and the bike looks very clean too. You are the best Court. Thanks a lot.

  4. This is looking good . Nice video. I'm still not sure between the surface and Emojo cougar . Any recommendations?

  5. Thanks for another great review. The Shred and Rook are on the top of my list for my wife and myself. Wish Surface would show the rear rack as an option with price on their web site and also show the Price in CAD$.

  6. hey Court I was thinking if you can find two bikes that are really similar, it would be interesting for you to show a side by side comparison of a class 1 or 2 bike with a speed pedelec in terms of how fast they accelerate… maybe have two videos of yourself side by side where you get on each bike and pedal at full blast and show if there's really a difference in acceleration or if it's just the top speed.

  7. Hey Court I have a question for you, if you have to choose between the Volt Yukon 750 and the Surface 604 Shred, which one would you prefer? The price is not important because they almost the same price. Waiting for your response please and thank you.

  8. Great review, i went ahead and purchased this one after watching your video. The only negative I would say is the company doesn't keep you updated on the status. Ordered my bike a week ago and it finally shipped out tuesday, when I emailed them they told me its because they had so much business UPS wouldn't take there deliveries (which im calling BS on sounded more like they had a delay in their own shipments). UPS is saying also that it wont even arrive until beginning of June. My only concern with this is if something down the line breaks on this bike its going to be a nightmare trying to get these people to do get it fixed. Im hoping the bike doesn't let me down as much as the service.

  9. Would love to know how this compares the the specialized Levo.. looking to make a purchase ASAP but can’t decide..

  10. Good review. Are the tires as wide as they look on camera ? I know that they aren’t 4” wide fat tires but 2.75 inch tires?
    Thanks πŸ™

  11. Kickstands located in the rear are a serious safety hazard! They allow the rider to get to top speed while the kickstand is still down. Left hand turn will result in a serious accident. Stop saying they are better than kickstands below the pedals.


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