Riding In New Jersey.
11th installment of motorcycle rides through New Jersey.
A Motorcycle Trip to Swartzwood Lake & State Park in Sussex County New Jersey. Our ride goes up SR 206 to CR 519 to CR 627 to CR 521 to CR to County Route 521 CR 612 and finally to CR 619 to the park.

Activities at the park include swimming, canoeing, picnicking, hiking, fishing and relaxing. Check the link below for the current rates and more information about this beautiful man-made New Jersey Lake.

This video was filmed entirely with SJCAM SJ400 Action Camera

The SJ400 rivals the GoPro Hero at a fraction of the cost. You can buy three SJ400s for the price of 1 GoPro. See for yourself. In my opinion, unless you’re Cecil B. DeMille, dollar for dollar, this camera out performs the GoPro Hero.

“Backroad Driver” (Used with permission)
Written & Performed by Greg Cagno

“Queen of Ohio” (Used with permission)
(c)Christian Bauman/BMI
From the Album:
“Roaddogs, Assassins and the Queen of Ohio”

Swartzwood State Park

The Boathouse Restaurant

The County Seat

BMW Motorcycles

Scorpion Helmets

Olympia Motosports


  1. a wow experience eternally grateful to you, oh the memories driving with my beloved at my side on roads dream scenic oh death in life the days that are no more

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. This and Stokes Forest are my 2 favorite places to go. I"m glad I could take you back to a good memory!

    Enjoy and have a Happy Holiday!!!


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