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  1. Hey, Bernard. Thanks for your review. It's good to know that the Terry Liberator Y saddle feels comfortable for you on a 70-mile ride! I have one that I use on my mountain bike, and I have also found it to be a very comfortable saddle. However, Terry just had a special no shipping charges deal and I took advantage of that to buy a Liberator Y Gel saddle for my other bike. I hope it isn't too soft like you found with the Serfas! Happy trails.

  2. Bruin doc, thanks for the comment. I am glad you like the saddle too. since making this video, I have also purchased the liberator race saddle titanium rails, which I currently tly use in my Tarmac and like a lot. I swear by my liberator race for road bike use. it is a great everyday saddle. Mahalo.😉

  3. I bought the Liberator Y a month ago and think its a great saddle. I tried the thin racing ones and they hurt on regular rough streets. The Terry Saddle is wide, comfy, soaks up ride imperfection and has just the right cutout to make long rides bearable.


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