Schwinn Acsension 29


  1. don't you listen to their comments… their jealous that you actually know what a bike is used for. FUN. and your having way more fun with your bike then they have with theirs. i do ride a pretty pricey bike but i also own and have owned affordable ones. I'm a bike mechanic and i tell you… it's always the guys on the cheaper bikes that are more enthusiastic about their bikes then the weight weenies and posers. no pro cyclist would ever knock anyone's ride… they love all bikes… period. just the way you do. I've been around bikes for the better part of 60 years and one thing i know is true… it aint the bike… it's the rider. my dad is 92 years old and just recently had to stop riding his 40 year old CCM. he was right bummed out. he rode that thing to work, 40 miles there and back, every day… winter or summer. i had the pleasure of keeping it going for him all that time. and to this day it is still my most favorite bike to work on.
    and before these posers go on about who's got the best bike let me remind them… if it wasn't for the original "shit bikes" that were used to start the mountain bike craze in the first place they wouldn't be sitting on their five thousand dollar carbon masterpieces. those guys also loved bikes and had a blast with them. you ask any of them if they have as much fun on their expensive bikes as they had on those "cheap shit bikes" laughing their asses off as parts flew by them and they washed out on every turn.

    have a blast dude… like i have to tell you that.

  2. Thanks for the review. I was looking at the Ascension and thinking of purchasing it. Now I'm sold! I own a 2004 Schwinn Ranger and I've never had a problem out of it. I just tune the derailers once a year and roll out. I've been a Schwinn fan since I owned my first Schwinn Stingray as a kid. Thanks again!


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