Hi everyone! This is part two of my review series. My hope is to do a video at least once a week, but we’ll see how it goes over the holidays. I don’t want to put out a video just to put it out. If there’s something to talk about or I get another test rider, or a reason to tell you something, then I will.

This video was shot from the handlebar of my full-suspension, so it’s a bit jittery at the beginning. Sorry about that. By the way, if you’re trying to shoot video of the PEBL as an owner, or see one ahead of you on the road, unless you’re on a road bike, you’re going to be working your butt off to keep up on a full-suspension! That ride was exhausting trying to keep my speed at 15+mph with the gearing on my bike… really I couldn’t keep up at all.

My wife took the PEBL to the school the other day to pick up my 7th grade son, Trevor and she wanted to share her experience with her first longer ride. I also had a couple and their two young daughters come to take a test ride a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share their experience when I had a chance and it fit well into this video.

If you’re nearby Eugene, OR and want to take a test ride in the PEBL prior to buying, I’d welcome you to take mine for a spin. Kevin and the crew at Better.Bike do have a great referral program where owners that allow test rides get a small “commission” of $50 per sale. I know it’s not much, but it’s compensation for the hour or two I’m spending. So far, out of three people that have test rode my PEBL, two have purchased! The PEBL really sells itself.

Thanks for watching, and for subscribing, and I’ll keep the videos coming. I’m planning to do a full review soon of my experiences, discussion of components and things I plan to do to mine to make it work better for me in the near future.


  1. Eric, well done video! Hey, have you seen the ELF owner, here in Eugene? It would be cool to see a side-by-side comparison! (btw i live in Veneta)

  2. Hey Eric, great videos thanks for bring us along for the ride! I'm considering buying one for a 16 mile one way commute. How far is your commute every day, and do you think that is a reasonable distance for the PEBL?

  3. Eric – how is that 8 speed rear hub working out for you? My Sram is junk, thinking of having a Sturmey Archer hub wheel built for my ELF. Is your shifting precise enough with that long cable run? Mine can't be properly adjusted for accurate shifting in the full gear range because of cable slop, even after going to a teflon coated cable. Manufacturers specifically do not recommend the tandem (extra long shift cable) installation.


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