Gravel bikes have come a long way in recent years, so we take a closer look at what constitutes a great gravel race bike.


  1. How fast are you with a gravel cycle on the street and on the dart road? Can you mantain about 30km/h? Sorry I'n not familiar whit the cycle world.

  2. I really like this video and the comprehensive dialogue that address the sport and the equipment.

    I love in S. Florida where this sport has just blown up in the recent years as people have taken to the dirt/gravel of the Florida Everglades that allow 10-200mi routes along with some grass root events and an adventure ride called the FAKAWI. My entry into this sport didn't start here though.

    Over the years I have been doing a charity ride from Pittsburg to DC which crosses the Great Allegheny Passage and C&A Canal which is a common tour route of 310-350mi. The first time I did ride, I suffered on my Cervelo S2, which got me interested in building a specific bike for the event but also because I knew I had the levee back home to train on.

    Enter the 2009 Specialized TriCross Expert with FACT carbon inserts and vibration dampening….great geometry w/ low BB and room that gobbles up 42c tires w/o a problem. A bike before the times, and still a great bike! I am now on a custom built Trek Boone 5 Disc which is definitely a step up, and great modern geometry.

    The reason I like this video so much is that even with Brit having a first go into the sport, he picked up things quick. Used solid judgement and justification for his build and preparation. I really think this is a type of riding that really opens up options for riders…especially ones that wish to be in the void of automobiles. And if someone asked me about the sport….I would actually tell them exactly what you've said in this video!

  3. Gravel ridding has heap of potential in Australia. I hope it grow here, because I hate ridding in traffic. Aussies have little respect for cyclists on the road unfortunately.

  4. Those 36c Clement MSOs are ok I guess…Probably the best tire in that size range anyway. I guess they maintain dirt roads in the midwest huh? I had to go back to 2 inch mtb tires on my gravel bike (Awol) to get any kind of comfort out here in AZ.

  5. I found that on some gravel roads, rocks can get kicked up and hit the down tube more. You can cover the bottom of the down tube with tape of your choice. Also I attach a cycling bag from rockbarcycling that covers the the bottom section of the down tube to store extra supplies, but also help with protecting the down tube a bit.

  6. 'Nothing like the scale of the US.' There speaks a man who has never seen a Scottish Forestry Commission track.

  7. I chuckled at the mention of "new school" geometry being slacker angles and bigger tires. Look back at French randonneuring bikes of the 40's, and see that we're getting back to it. Next up, less-stiff frames. 🙂

  8. I see you used a Wahoo Elemnt. How did you keep it charged for 12 plus hours? Mine won't go that long.

  9. Over 26 years ago I had 2 "gravel"bikes… a Trek touring bike with long reach brakes that took up to 36c tires and a Univega Alpina Pro MTB with drop bars… nothing new… the current bikes are just a refinement not a new invention.


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