See Sense blazed a trail with their intelligent front and rear lights, which have received overwhelming praise from the cycling press and customers since their release.
We headed to See Sense HQ to take a closer look.
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  1. can you control on the fly via Garmin Edge 1000, 820? if not then you fail:(. Bontrager has one it does, coming out next year.

  2. What about a micro camera integrated into bike lights? Too many irresponsible motorists get away with murder or near misses! Could also be useful for to traffic infrastructure planning.

  3. bought a set of these yesterday – spent two hours trying to get the front light to stay on constant – have been shaking it, turning it, rotating it all evening, didn't get out on the bike tonight watching instructional videos instead on how to get the front light to stay on constant…maybe its just me.

  4. lol the pot holes in my area on the side of the road as there is no bike path and they are always ignored. if you try to take a lane on the two lane roads where I live you better be going 10mph over or that one guy in a truck will swerve in front of you


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