Graeme Street from shares 5 things he loves about gravel bikes and new style endurance/adventure bikes.

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  1. But couldn't you just use a cyclocross bike with bigger tires and a more relaxed geometry?
    I'm looking at the giant TCX SLR 2

  2. I don't get why cyclists are so gunshy about hydraulic brakes; people have been using hydraulic brakes on cars and motorcycles for more than a century.

  3. Bicycles are very individualistic, depending on your lifestyle and what kind of riding you do. When you are an older guy like me who has owned every kind of bicycle after 45 years of riding…I have to say for me it is a bicycle that is comfortable for day long rides on paved and dirt bicycle paths. My shoulders are pretty messed up, so I don't like riding bikes that are forward position and put too much pressure on my arms. I prefer upright position. Slower yes…but I am not racing. So I guess most would call it a hybrid bicycle. I live in a very hilly area, so gears are a must.

  4. So vague. "This bike, this type of bike" but are you talking about a gravel bike? The text in the title indicates adventure bike, but what the heck is that and what makes other bikes UN-adventurous? I think you can change classifications with a change in tires.

    I have a Specialized Sequoia from 2007 and after riding for a while I felt ripped off because, unlike my long gone 27 inch 10 speed, I had 23mm tires that could get caught in pavement cracks and required high pressures which took the comfort and fun out of the rides. I used it to carry groceries from the store sometimes because I needed the excersize, and I was not happy with the newer shorter frames and the lack of a kickstand.

    Are there any drop-bar bikes that have a decent kickstand?

  5. Disc isn't dangerous and V's are perfectly fine brakes. Key things for adventure and gravel is tire clearance and relaxed head tube angle and CS length. Disc is great but I'm able to grind gravel and ride single track with v brakes.

  6. i can only afford 1 bike and I want to hit the trails/single track and road as well. I live in SC and Im 55 yrs old and have mtb experience.

  7. so it has lower bb than a road bike? how much lower? I feel like I'd want a roadbike that will take 40mm tires but I can;t find that…

  8. Sold my road bike last year and have never looked back. Almost got hit a few times by texters or just plain inattentive drivers; others have willfully tried to push me off the road. I don't race and the skinny tires made riding on Chicago roads hazardous. Got rid of my smart trainer because I got tired of looking at all the tech and wattage, all of it nonsense if you don't compete. I'm 46 now and have a son and the risks are just not there anymore. Not worth it. Thinking of a gravel bike and dirt road and limestone trails to exercise and just enjoy the scenery. Also, to not feel like I always have to don Lycra. Looking for ward to just enjoying riding because I almost gave up due to burnout.

  9. Just watch your video after 35 years of road riding I've finally had enough with the crazy's. Question I'm about to buy a gravel bike I was thinking of the Salsa Warbird Carbon however being a roadie and ridden most of my life on steel I'm leaning now towards the Niner any thoughts..Thanks Arizona Gravel Rider!!

  10. As a 50 year old with 5 bikes (2 Road bikes and 3 mountain bikes), I have now decided to build a gravel bike. Thinking about the Specialized Crux Carbon frame with the new Fox Stepcast 32 AX fork, I like the idea of a short travel fork for these bikes. As for hydraulic versus mechanical disc brakes, I think mechanicals are a joke, maybe it's because my 3 mountain bikes all run Hope Hydraulic discs, but I've never been burned or cut I'd hurt anyone else with them.
    Any thoughts on the Specialized Crux and Fox Fork idea….?

  11. Graeme, a great video. I too am in Connecticut and I am getting back into cycling. While getting my Giant Chromoly Hybrid serviced at the dealer (the bike is in great condition BTW) I was looking at the new Giant bikes. Based on my criteria, the dealer recommended the Anyroad series and your statements about the 40+ y/o crowd who want a comfortable bike that you can be on all day in just about any type of terrain and get great performance is what he echoed. He also suggested the mechanical disc brakes. In New England you need them and you can easily service them in the field if you have to. Hope to see you on your website soon.

  12. I've been using Shimano Hydros for the past 18 years on my bike without one problem. I'm not even sure why mechanical disk brakes are still an option these days!

  13. Hey Graeme, I bought a Niner RLT on your recommendation. I love the bike and I love gravel! I took it on a tour across Quebec last summer and tried to hit as many dirt back roads as I could. I also did my first D2R2 – the 115 km course. Next year it's 180k!

  14. Anyone rate the Giant Toughroad SLR GX 1 as an adventure bike? Thinking about getting this. As an adventure touring/winter bike.


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