**RipCurrent S – The ULTIMATE Fat-Tire Commuter E-Bike**

After introducing the CrossCurrent S and building the HyperFat, we put everything we learned into designing the Ultimate Fat-Tire Commuter E-Bike.

– 750 Watt Class 3 (28 mph) performance with
– 52 Volt battery platform
– Torque-sensing pedal assist
– 70+ miles of real-world range

The RipCurrent S arrives fully-loaded with hydraulic disc, cruise control, air suspension fork, rack, fenders, a 1,050 lumen front headlight and more.


  1. What 4" tire would have the same durability as the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires? I really want to get this bike but I'd need better options for tires. I used to constantly get flats on my Stromer until I finally installed the Marathon Plus tires and Mr. Tuffy tire liners.

  2. Hey make a stretched all black fat bike beach cruiser with back tire 2” farther back from seat post longer look and with the high quality look as this bike…..I think juiced bikes can make one of the best looking stretched beach cruiser fat bike and make it with 26” mag bmx style tuff mag fat rims the strongest tuffest most high quality reliable electric beach cruiser fat bike maybe even 2wheel drive motors……the best fat bike stretched beach cruiser with strong rims great power and with a off-road look a mad max fat bike for both on road off road with great distance and enduro tires that’s what I’d build if I knew how or had the money

  3. A few days ago, I rode my RCS on a 24 mile ride. I tackled multiple big hills and I pedaled my butt off the entire way. I'm 57 with arthritus, bad feet and knees and I'm pretty out of shape, but the bike helped me get up the hills and get to my destination without me vapor locking. It was a great ride for me, and I'll be planning even further rides soon. BTW, when I got home, my 52v battery was only down by 1 bar at 50v, so I probably could have gone another 25-50 miles on that charge. I'm trying to learn how fast the battery discharges so I can plan rides and get the most out of my battery. The RCS is just an amazing bike!


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