Is 2016 the Year of the Gravel Bike? What about 2017? Dan Lloyd checks out the Outdoor Expo at Interbike to find out.

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Interbike is one of the biggest trade shows of the year. It also takes place in Las Vegas, which means that no one wanted to miss it – Dan Lloyd included.

Gravel bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years and have exploded in popularity this year. This got us thinking; are we living in the Year of the Gravel Bike? And, what about the gravel bike releases for 2017?

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  1. I like that they didn't say the renovo failed spectacularly later on in the day when the head tube broke away from the top and down tube. Nice one guys.

  2. I wonder when I will see the first gravel bike out in the woods for real. So far I only see them online. For me a gravel bike is a bike that can do everything but nothing very well and I ask myself: Who needs a gravel bike when you can ride a 29er hardtail? Must watch out for 3T road bikes in the future.

  3. None of these gravel bikes appear to have correct gearing for gravel riding, 34 x 32 is not low enough for 10+ percent roads IMO.

  4. Heard a lot about gravel bikes being better for larger riders. Wonder if they would stand the Phat Test – A tall heavy rider (129 kg). Some say the only limitation would be the wheels…
    They all look good. The ROSE team Dx Cross, performed very well for me, though not a gravel bike!
    The 3T exploro is a dream machine! Wow!

  5. What gravel bike options are for women? Wife is 5ft… so I've been told sizing around the 47cm mark? New bikes are coming out so my options are limited for 2017. Does anyone have a listing of models of gravel bikes for each manufacturer?

  6. It's always strange to see someone you didn't know was a cyclist, like a co-worker, dressed in a full kit. I'm so used to seeing you guys in your spandex kits, I'm always shocked to you in normal clothes. A t-shirt? Jeans? Regular sneakers or shoes? Every once in a while one of you appears in a polo or button down shirt and it scares me. I'm like, "Is there a funeral?" Anyway, it's nice to see you all dressed like the rest of us sometimes…But only sometimes! Get you're kit back on and keep the great content coming!


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