This video reviews the Third Eye bar end bicycle mirror, which fits both a road and mountain bike.


  1. Good to have rear vision, I know some riders that use these but you lose frontal vision. You can argue it's only for a second whatever..not risk I would take. I use a small mirror attached to my helmet while glancing in the mirror I still have peripheral vision to the front.

  2. Clint, as far as optimal visibility is concerned, which would work better, this one in your video or the mirrors that people stick to their helmets?

  3. Clint did you get a new Trek mt bike? Did you get a new house? I thought you lived on a cul-de-sac? Video looks filmed in a more rural area. Excellent review of mirror. I have one on my road bike.

  4. Clint, is there much vibration from the road that gets transferred to the mirror? I used mirrors for touring, but the visibility was very poor due to the mirror vibration. Great reviews! Thx!

  5. Thanks, Clint. Good, honest review. Just received mine. Very little vibration and a quality mirror with no distortions. I use it on a Giant hybrid for road and mostly paved trails here in Florida, Amelia Island.

  6. Very cool mirror, but take a look, please, at my. I am a very experienced cyclist and actually I used a lot of mirrors. Also, little similar to that which you present. However, none met my expectations. In the end I decided to come up with my own. The result presented on YT video: unique bike mirror. Now I always ride with my mirror. Even when I forget to take it – I'm coming back home, because I can not ride without it. Without this mirror, I feel insecure, I do not know what is going behind me, etc. And conversely; when I use it, I feel safe; I know when I can safely turn left, when I have to be careful and need to stay close to the curb and so on. And the field of view is incomparably large.
    When it comes to installation – it is extremely simple. Namely … does not require any installation! Really! Regards.
    P.S. I suppose that in the case of the racing handlebars – largely you covering up the mirror with own arm.

  7. So true when big vehicles too wide for both to pass comfortably, the mirror gives a heads up for sure, and I have done the same to bail out. Some people on those trucks hate life, dont give two fucks about cyclists and have experienced super close calls.
    The mirror does not make the bike look too cool, but safety is priority above all.

  8. Great review. What do you recommend for a bike that has bar ends? I could use this on my gravel drop bar bike but not on my hybrid which I use mainly in heavy traffic. It's also in a very hilly area and not willing to part with my bar ends which help a lot with those steep climbs. I've needed a mirror for a long time and really should get something but not sure what's best.


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