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With 39 mph wind gusts and an elevation gain of 4,285 feet, Red Bull Athlete Tim Johnson becomes the first person to ever bike up Mt. Washington Auto Road in the winter, where his father watched him win the 2000 Summer hill climb 11 years ago. He rides a modified Fat Bike 7.2 miles in –19 degree temperatures against unpredictable conditions in the “World’s Worst Weather”.

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  1. Single suspension fork on a fat bike? No thanks.. I don't trust those things, I'll just stick to dual forks as always.

  2. 4000 feet in and on itself is nothing special, neither with headwind. But in these circumstances it's quite intense I would think. I wonder how long it took him…
    EDIT: 1:45 hours, it says at the end of the vid. Now that's fast!

  3. I planned a vaca through NH VT and Canada on my bicycle and this Mt was supposed to be my last "triumph" of my trip.
    that was AFTER a 100 mile bike race. well 2 days after actually.
    the guards at the bottom said no way that day. that it was too windy. that it wasn't safe for bicycles that day. or the rest of the week and I didn't have the xtra days to wait. I was so bummed I couldn't climb Mt Washington. I packed extra brake pads and tubes for the trip down. oh well. that was 30 years ago. that old saying that " there's no time like the present" ….. ya. I never got another chance to ride it.
    Congratulations Tim on being the 1st to ride it.

  4. Your awesome dude. I just rode in 50 degree weather with the wind blowing hard and was complaining that it was cold and I'm tired. I feel like such a puss after watching what you did. Thumbs up. ?

  5. Nothing takes the wind out of my sails like the wind does. No matter what I'm doing(skateboarding/snowboarding/biking/running/swimming/surfing) when the wind is pushing against me…I loose my mind. couldn't imagine trying this with that kind of wind. That guy is tough as nails

  6. LameWith these thin gloves, no chance it is that cold or that windy – his legs would freeze with these thin pants he has, even on the climbs. Really no chance to survive a long descend dressed like this, with no mouth protection, with the summer glasses and stuff. I've been doing winter bike climbs myself and know it from experience

  7. "My temperature is dropping." Because he's not wearing proper winter clothes! And how many cameramen were there shooting video of this "feat"?

  8. I can attest to the fact that he's not the first to ascend Mt. Washington auto road on a bike in the winter. A friend and I biked it under similar conditions in November, 2003 (I was on a 26"er with v-brakes – yikes). Half-way up my water was frozen solid, and I rapidly lost body heat at the summit with 70 mph wind gusts. Biking this road is prohibited and the crew up top were none-to-happy as we reached the summit (though they did take our photo as they'd never seen anyone bike up in the winter). Epic ride, with one sketchy descent!

  9. outfit doesn't match the circumstance of vicious weather, I don't believe he went up there without vehicles assistance. FAKE RedBull commercial

  10. Loved the fact that you had a Cannondale Fat bike! I ride a Cannondale F29 carbon 4. I have thought of getting the fat bike for winter riding. Great video!

  11. What an epic mental, physical and spiritual ride that you've made, to make it to the summit must have been a complete overload of your feelings, what an achievement.


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