Operational Video for the Tommy Gate Railgate Series, High-Cycle Models.

This operational video was filmed in Phoenix, Arizona. For additional information, visit the Tommy Gate website, www.tommygate.com, or call customer service at 1-800-LIFTGATE.


  1. I have a cabinet shop and I rented vans until I decided exactly what I wanted to buy. I ordered a new Ford box van in 1999 with a Tommy rail lift like this one and after about 150k miles I have  had no problems with it. My customers are always impressed at the way I roll my cabinets and tool cart out and lower them down without a helper. the lift I have is rated at 2500 lbs and it has been more than what I have ever needed.

    John McDougal
    McDougal's Custom Woodworking
    Anaheim, Ca. 


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