Roads, trails and everything in-between, these bikes can do it all. Here are the five new and updated bikes we think you need to know about heading into 2017.


  1. What I wouldn't give for a cheaper version of the Exploro/UP. A bike with road bike geometry and road bike short chainstays but still have monster clearance would be my dream ride!

  2. anyone have a recommendation for better tires on my gravel bike, right now it has Schwalbe Tyrago 700x35C tires that don't really have much tread depth, looking for something that has more grip but won't wear fast on tarmac

  3. The Willier Jaroon plus ,is a hardtail with drop bars. Thats cheating in my book!
    After reading up on all these adventure bikes I've still come to the conclusion that the best bet for UK roads is probably a Specialized Diverge, the point is that i can go on a 100 mile ride and 90% of the route will be on road, and thats going out of my way trying to find ridable bridal paths, so a road focused and not off road focused bike is going to be the more pleasurable choice, for me anyways.

  4. The 2017 Salsa Fargo has some great features. There aren't many bikes that have thru-axles front and rear that can also run hub gears or single speed and none that do it as elegantly. Niners RLT is a great looking bike too, the steel version I am very interested in.

  5. I don't understand the difference between these and cross country mountain bikes. More to the point, I feel like if I was in the market for one of these, I would just go with the XC.

  6. The one style of bike which has been left without any modernising update, is the serious long range loaded tourer, It's a few years since but I remember spending time in south America with a couple of groups doing big multi year continental trips, mostly using adapted mountain bikes, including full suspension with a trailer, which on mile after mile of graded unmade roads seemed the ideal set up, though to classic rigid framed tourer with maxed out. tyre / rim set-up and full, set of racked luggage.

  7. I absolutely LOVE the Wilier! Of course, I'm a 29+ junkie and I have a '17 Kona Sutra LTD which is awesome and can run full sized 29ér tires too.

  8. This is a pretty lame list compared to last year. First off, the concept of barring last year's bikes from consideration seems strange to me; do you do that for top road bikes of the year as well? The 3T bike, OK that's a reasonable entry. Specialized, hmm, it's quite hard to think that a super heavy bike like that would make it to Top 5 but whatever. Moots – no way, there are lots better ti bikes out there. Devinci – I don't think so, it is a total boat. 440 mm chainstays = a touring bike. Willier: heck no it's just a weird novelty bike that no one will ever see. Have you considered the Scott Addict Gravel? Focus Paralane? Parlee Chebacco? Alchemy Hyas? Also certain 'cross' bikes are among the best gravel bikes out there as well – Santa Cruz Stigmata anyone? Cannondale SuperX?


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