2016 is the year of 27.5+ bikes. We take a look at five that promise to be among the best on offer.


  1. For me it 27,5+ makes sense as a hardtail. I think one of the best options is the Orbea Loki with relaxed geometry (67˚HA) good parts and affordable price.
    You can run all 27,5+ bikes with 29" wheels as the 27,5×3.0 is the same diameter as 29×2.2 and that's the biggest reason I'm considering one.

  2. Seriously? Wow……. epic fail list …. Got the Scott there and I can dig the Salsa……… but WTF on the rest?

  3. I just got a 27.5+ cube frame from a friend, and I'm wondering if I can use normal 27.5 rims on it, instead of the plus wheels. Any thoughts?

  4. If you are considering a Marin Pine Mountain 2, be advised this customer had issues with the frame, and when Marin sent a new frame to my dealer, they sent a defective frame with a cracked seat tube weld. Now Marin won't answer my dealer and has not sent us a good replacement frame. Furthermore, I will have to pay for the build when or if we do receive a good frame. The heat treating and welds are of poor quality. This would have ruined my long-planned trip to Moab had I not bought a similar bike from another company. #dissapointedcustomer of Marin Bicycles!


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