We take a look at five of the best aero helmets on the market right now.


  1. Good job guys – you rate the 5 best "aero" road helmets without providing any information about the aerodynamic attributes of any of them.  Stellar.

  2. I have evade. Use it for climbs, flats, winds and heats. It's all great until it gets cold or rainy. Unless you wear something to keep your head warm, it will be freezing. The evade has such a powerful air flow on the inside that will cool you on a warm day, but will also make it that much colder.
    This is easily my favorite helmet

  3. +BikeRadar 
    Oh yes….something "more slippery" please!  But…..what is it (called)???

    ah/arrrg…….These are the vids that need transcripts; can't make out his #4 offering.  Ochto aero? Ahcto aero?  what is it (darn that British accent…) called??? 

    Somebody/anybody please?

  4. ventilation is only good for 3 months of the year so why mark down helmets due to ventilation? For the other 9 months id rather not have any vents

  5. you guys are out of your minds… bontrager is #1 in aero helmets… Well lets just say Trek is the best in everything


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