My review of the top five best cycling applications for iOS and Android. In this video I discuss the various features, good and bad, of the best cycling/bike ride mapping apps. Among the most popular are Strava, MapMyRide, RunKeeper, MapMyTracks, Cyclemeter, Endomondo, Under Armour Record, and Runtastic Road Bike.

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  1. Do you have any suggested apps and accessories I do need if I ride a recumbent bike? Thanks in advance. ☺️

  2. Sorry if this is a stupid question.  You said some of these apps track your heart rate, Does that mean it would have to sync with some kind of fitness band?  If so which would you recommend

  3. Bad thing about Strava is lack of audio announcements when cycling, as it only works for running. That's why I would put it as #2 app rather than #1.

    Otherwise it is great indeed.

  4. Cyclemeter is probably the best app for tracking your ride with a lot of information to track and clear customizable audio announcements. I use it as my primary app along with the RoadId app for safety, after the ride I auto-sync from Cyclemeter to Stava best of both worlds.

  5. Runtastic app is the only one that has Open Cycle map, which not only shows roads, but smaller paths and bridges that can be crossed on a bike.

  6. I use Spyglass. It’s a navigational app where you can see all your current location data: gps coordinates, current bearing, altitude, speed, even vertical speed and estimated time of arrival to the target. It works without cell signal, you can predownload areas of the map which you will need later and use them when offline. You can also take pictures with all the info overlaid and share your location with friends.

  7. I found Strava seems to create more accurate GPS tracks but uses more battery (I am using a dual-core phone about 2 years old), when compared to MapMyRide. I can record a full 6 hour ride with MapMyRide, but Strava seems to die after about 4.5-5 hours. I always just record using mapmyride since it has audio cues for distance/time/splits then just upload the tcx file to strava. Also put the phone in airplane mode and re-enable GPS and you should get about twice the battery life

  8. I love Strava, but I am not willing to pay the subscription. So I have to stick with Mapmyride because it does have weekly goal settings.

  9. i just wanted to ask if all these apps have an offline map?? if yes then let me know which all. thank you . nice video.

  10. I use Map My Ride I was very happy with it until I upgraded and paid to get rid of the adds. now it will not give me splits per 1km. not happy wish I kept the old one, I'm now looking for another app

  11. Can you give me an app that has offline maps for free? Like seriously how big a dicks do they have to be to not give out a setting for offline maps…

  12. If you use bluetooth speed/cadence sensor your brst choice Runtastic bike or Endomondo. Only these programs can write the track on the basis of indications of the BT sensor.

  13. Is there any good bicycle offline GPS out there where I can used it without data to get me around town please let me know as a full time student trying to get that and not used my car to save gas

  14. Oh cycling … so much time without doing a good afternoon 🙁 ! … btw: usually rugged phones were great for its time; expensive but worth it… were also kinda rare not so much time ago,,, Have you seen the agm line ? They remember me this one: but since they are waaaaaay cheaper but still pretty good and waterproof ! ip68 and now the x1 has a Gold version or so with a 5k battery :O Nice article! TY for sharing

  15. Paying for a software-only doesn't make sense. If it had plug-n-play hardware for the mobile phone such as cadence counter, heartbeat monitor, temp-pressure-humidity sensor, speed sensor etc. accompanying with the software, then paying money makes sense. People usually settle for such lows that companies like these seldom up their ante. There are tons of free software out there, paying money for soft-results is seriously illogical.

  16. I would emphatically disagree with Strava being the best or even a decent cycling app. I prefer Ride With GPS, which obviously wasn't even on your list. The free version has no adds and has tons of features. It has a somewhat customizable dashboard and turn by turn navigation. It's worth a look. It also has a great web interface as well for route planning and data review. I'm hoping they add better support for power meters. Already works with several cadence sensors and heart rate monitors.


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