If you’re looking for a pre-summer upgrade to your mountain bike then we’ve got five suggestions for the best places to splash the cash.


  1. I wonder if not having a front derailleur is a fad. I like my bike to be all-purpose. Having that 22/24 tooth ring does wonders to steep climbs, especially with a 42 in the back. Trying to do it all with a single front chainring makes too many compromises. I'm already maxing out downhills with my 38 going to an 11 in the back on my 29er. I see bikes with 30T chainrings. How am I supposed to go fast with a 30T chainring?

  2. How can you ALL not see this 1 x is a fad??
    Just wait, next year or the year after is the new technology of 'twin up rings' — trademarked here!!
    How can changing 3-4 rear ratios in one click of a front chainring not be a good thing???
    Did people forget how to use a front gear??
    STOP THE INSANITY – keep the front chainring and save your money!! Don't give into the latest fad that WILL be back in a few years!!

  3. Why would a 1/11 gearing be more costly to produce? Considering the removal of one or two chain rings and the derailleur itself, would the price not come down rather than increase? Or is it plain old corporate gouging?

  4. I drool over these bikes . I'm dirt poor but bought a lil' old Scott Aspect 29er on lay away for $500. Even though it's only sort of a lower-mid end bike I keep adding little upgrades and I absolutely LOVE my bike. It gets thrashed every weekend and it may as well be a 2000 dollar bike as far as I'm concerned. This sport is awesome amd it is what you make of it. 🙂

  5. Can I convert my 3×9 to a 1×9 by just buying a single chainring and getting rid of the derailleur or do I have to buy a new rear shifter and derailleur

  6. I still have 3x gears. I don't see why 1x is so much better, 3x offers more versatility and reliability when going uphill or downhill

  7. Still prefer a 2x, especially on longer rides, the taller gears allow for rolling recovery on flat sections and I like the versatility. Better tires and I like to run my rear tubeless and keep my front tubed so I can swap out the tire easier depending on conditions. Also, squats and deadlifts, no better upgrade than strength.

  8. Wow for this video they where probably thinking “hey we should name all the really cool and expensive upgrades only someone with lots of money could afford to get and put them in a list”

  9. tubeless is a nonsense. Been there and now back, honestly, not worth the extra money, mixing the sealant, checking pressures all the time.
    and, please, stop with that weight saving crap. we don't give a toss.

  10. Some of those cassettes their putting on things are pretty heavy 10×50…The 1x is only going to have a good chain line for about three or four gears on the back…..

  11. Tubeless bike tyres? Mucky, nasty and seriously half-arsed. Gunge and tape everywhere to save a few grams. Those grams equivalent to taking a pee before the ride. Fuss bother and itch…!


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