What the fff…. fat bike is that!? Love them or hate them, here are five fat bikes worth taking a look at.


  1. Nothing from Surly? The company that brought fat bikes out of obscurity and into bike ships, the world over. Instead we have Gucci bikes and an ebike? Wow. Seriously.

  2. These have got to be the ugliest form of 2 wheeled transportation since the razor scooter… That said I want one so I can keep riding the trails I love through the winter. At least I'll have an excuse to wear a mask haha.

  3. KTM just made it clear tht fat bike is made by some who just like Cycling n motorbike tire n mash them up tgt

  4. "We've not even ridden this one, but we'll put it on our list".

    This is almost as bad as those "10 best e-bike" lists, where they base their decisions on the highest prices, biggest power outputs, and the most gimmicks.

  5. Seriously, people need to fuck off! Yeah, its not fast. Sure, it can look ugly. But if you've never ridden one, then fuck you. Try it first before bashing the shit out of it. It's not meant to be practical or fucking superior than your precious 26 XC bikes. It's meant for a different experience. If you don't like the experience, that's your preference.

    So sorry that riding a fat bike is really fun for us owners sarcasm


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