We take a look at some of the world’s fastest pro time trial bikes.


  1. My ratings of the top 5
    1. Canyon Speedmax
    2. BMC TM01
    3. Specialized shiv
    4. Cervelo P5
    5. Pinarello Boilide or the former Movistar one that went awol after 1 outing.

  2. The specialised shiv?!?
    Ridden by Toby Martin to many victories
    One of the most aero frames ever made?
    And isn't even on the list….
    Come on bike radar

  3. What about the trek speed concept 9 and why won't canyon ship to the U.S. there is a big market here.

  4. Instead of slideshow with a voice over, just put it on the blog and post to Facebook or something. Out of place on YouTube.

  5. Even if they posted a list with every bike on the planet, some Ensure drinking, bubble-blowing old fart is going to get pissed about the order.

  6. what crank size and cassete size is the best for TT bikes. What groupset and wheels is the best for TT bikes. For daily use in bike trail.

  7. hi bikeradar,
    what type of base bar is more aerodynamic: the flat ones or the those with a slightly upward dent in it?


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