We think these promise to be the best road bikes to debut in 2016. Some we’ve ridden, some we can’t wait to ride, all are brand new and packed full of innovation. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I am not saying this because I'm from Taiwan. But …Giant bikes are designed and made in the same place, Many bikes like Italian order their parts from China. China do have great technology now, however, many bikes are assembled together to look good and cost a lot of money. Better paint jobs and expensive looking parts don't mean better. I rode a lot of bikes , Giant bikes are really quite something.

  2. none of these channels ever show prices or at least estimates. if its a passion people will go for it, sometimes no matter what. shit id save up for that scott or trek super easy XDDDD

  3. Looking forward to an all new Tarmac. Rode the first generation s-work Venge for centuries. Fast but very punishing for long rides. Sold it for a Roubaix very happy with the endurance geometry and ride comfort. The new 'disc-only' Roubaix breaks my heart. Hope next year Specialize will introduce rim brake version.

    It is about time for an all new Tarmac though… Also not hating the disc brake as I ride mtb and know how good it can be. Problem is my wheel sets. I don't want to invest in another collection of wheels and not sure if discs will be here for good.

  4. Thought I might check here first. I'm about to drop some money on a bike. I have 2k in the budget for a bike, but I'm not a competitive cyclist. I ride an average of 50 miles per week and I don't want to overspend on something for its name. I want function and top notch components for my riding, but I'm not out to impress anyone but the road. Can I get some tips or links from Bike Radar? I'm a cycling noob as I was a trail runner for years until my knees decided to fight me on trails. Cycling healed my knees and I love it! any tips on the right bike would be great. Key things: I don't compete right now and don't plan on it. but I may occasionally jump in a race in the future. So with that in my mind, what do you recommend.

  5. That Trek looks sweet! But in 2016, Hayman won Paris-Roubaix on a Scott Foil, the first ever Paris-Roubaix win on an aero roadbike. With a standard Foil frame, mind you! How much more proof and cred can a bike get?


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