We take a look at five of the finest super bikes the cycle industry has to offer.
Correction – The Colnago is in fact known as the V1-r, not the VR1 as we’ve stated in the video.


  1. Umm its not UCI Legal so maybe that's why its not on the list but Dimond Bikes are hot in the Triathlon scene with many top bike splits of the year!

  2. Too bad the Colonago VR1 with the Italian flavor is actually made in Taiwan. Maybe it should be Colonago with an Asian flavor. Hold the soya sauce

  3. If I wanted a bike purely on the basis of having something no one else had then sure. Other than that? Total waste of money.

  4. I don't think I like any of those.

    1. Who would want a bike made in collaboration with a car company and not even a desirable one.
    2. What exactly is special about that Colnago other than the price?
    3. Those wheels are a real turn off and the geometry just says it's not serious.
    4. A tasteless gold trimmed bike. Anyone riding that would be a laughing stock as soon as they hit a hill they struggle up then everyone else would think the fool should have spent their money on something else as it gives them no advantage.
    5. Ugly looking lugs and over engineered.

  5. Not a single bike with disc brakes! 20th century technolgy on wannabe 21st century bikes. None of them would make my top 5 list, let alone top 10. The only one that half got my attention was the Festka with the beautiful titanium craftsmanship.

  6. 24000Euro,,,,,,,oh my god
    it is a holy price for a bike..but are we really pay for quality or just the reputation of LF?

    plus,there are celebration with Audi Ferrari….why are those all car factories
    How about Airbus Lockheed,,,or even N A S A XD
    it sounds really cool

  7. Great, how well marketing works. If you're smart you get paid for doing advertising, instead some stupid rich people pay an extra 3000 € to have a car brand's logo painted on their bike. If are even more stupid and richer you pay an extra 10,000 € for some leaf gold applications that on their own are worth around 100 €. Congratulations, Lightweight you have the best customers in the world ;-).

  8. The wheels on the Audi-Lightweight seem to have very bad narrow V shape. Not so aerodynamic on real world wind conditions, better wheelsets can be bought for $1200. So I would not put it on top 5.

  9. Actually none of the bikes seem to be true superbikes. These are just expensive bikes that are much worse than the true superbikes. The true superbikes are Trek Madone, S-Works venge vias, canyon aeroad.

  10. They're bonkers bikes, but for me nothing beats the world champion edition of the Venge Vias disc. All you have to do is look at the damn thing

  11. Looks like the audi-lightweight bike has its brake cable housing rubbing the seatpost. So much for 17500 Euros they cant even assemble the bike right…


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