For the weight weenie, finding the lightest bike saddle, fork, components and shoes means the difference between defeat and glory. Here are five of our favourites for 2017.

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  1. Happy enough with my ee brakes at c.85g per caliper and great functionality. Interested to hear views on stiffness and rigidity losses in the Giro shoes… can't believe that 136g per shoe is the weight versus stiffness sweet spot for general road racing performance.

  2. Sad to not see any of Berk's fantastic stuff here. Their saddle-seatpost combo (only 100 grams) is a hallmark of weight-weenieism

  3. Light bikes are expensive and crazy light parts always get hate because people don't understand engineering or how things work in general . My bike always gets tons of comments (not all positive ) and even got published but people still think it will break or it isn't a proper bike blah blah . I try not to get involved with responses as I get the same crap all the time . to pu tit into perspective the carbon axle I made for my cranks got stuck in the frame when I tried to get the cranks out (turns out some of the carbon filler hadn't fully set when I installed them and it bonded to the bearing) . I hammered that crank like a bitch to get it out . The crank came out and guess what – the axle never broke . Just the other day I installed a plug in my saddle (long story) and I used an alloy rod and hammer to smack the plug out . The plug came out but the saddle was intact . I am just over 81kg and my saddle/seatpost combo I made hasn't broken and it weight less than 70grams . Before you make a comment think first .

  4. Weight weenieism is a completely ridiculous and self-defeating obsession. Here, spend $7K on a road frame that has the impact resistance of an eggshell. Whatever you do, don't try to stuff it into the back of a car or anything. Here's a mountain bike that you can't fall over on, so don't actually ride it on real trails. How about these $1,500 brakes that save you a whopping 130 grams because brakes are where you should really save some weight. Look, an asshatchet that saves you almost 80 WHOLE GRAMS and is about as brittle as a candy cane. What is the point of all this?

  5. Those THM brakes look awful, and I bet they work awful. The only time I've ever seen a traditional side-pull caliper in recent times is on the worst of department store bikes, or on the front of a bike that wouldn't usually have one so the bike shops here in New Zealand can legally sell it as road worthy.

    When it comes to manufacturing bicycles, you can have any two of the following three properties in a component. Lightweight, stiff, and strong. A lightweight brake caliper that doesn't fail won't be stiff, therefore won't work accordingly, and a lightweight caliper that is stiff, will probably have catastrophic results when used aggressively.

  6. get a clue, rider reports of the fibulas are they are weight over function, they are not a straight swap like EE.s over stock…

  7. Good day bike radar

    I am new to cycling and looking to buy my 1st bike. I would like to buy an aluminum frame bike and also an endurance road bike.

    I have looked at 2 bikes and need your help plz. Between the Merida ride 400 and the canyon Endurace al 6.0, which bike would you recommend?.

    Please help me bike radar please

  8. I have the older Selle Italia 79 grams model and I'm loving it. It actually absorbs some vibration from the road, but in the end it really comes down to the roads that you ride on and the quality of your bibs (also to your weight I would say). I would love to try the newest model.

  9. We hear about that XCite Zero since last year, but no reviews, no tests no nothing so how is someone supposed to decide on buying this thing? I guess they have a pretty bad marketing team.

  10. weight weenies are like audiophiles(always searching for the holy grall in music reprodution) in this case the bike…i know that because i deal with audiophiles for the last 27 years…but i´m a little weight weenie myself with my bikes.

  11. I possess 20plus years experience designing and building aircraft tools. I've also enjoyed road bikes for 50 years. I've designed a no hands shifting system for road bikes. Very aero, extremely accurate and fast shifts. I seek interested persons to financially participate in the development of a fully functional prototype of this truly revolutionary aircraft quality design. I would prefer to machine and proof check this prototype myself.

  12. Em Portugal temos uma empresa Gelu que faz selim por encomenda com pesos muito mais baixos que o selle Itália. O Gelu K3 tem apenas 38 gramas.

  13. Just remove the saddle and you can save more weight far cheaper than this, all you need to do is sacrifice sitting on bike!

  14. I have a fizik Antares 00 carbon saddle… 135 g… has some minimal padding but definitely in the LW category


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