BikeRadar’s search for the best mountain bike is over. With a long-list of 25 120mm-140mm bikes costing £2800-£3300, the Santa Cruz 5010 R1 AM finished up as a top contender.

A massive thanks to for helping us out with guiding, accommodation and extra riders, and for helping us get there!


  1. This add is just like me and my Focus Enduro……You can go downhill with it just the same as the bad boys do, and your will will make it perform great……..Half way down the track you think you're shitting bricks, but you came out still breathing :))….

  2. I have just bought the 5010CC , in yellow and black, very happy with the MTB, I think that the Shar XT might be better brakes than the Sram, just my option

  3. Thinking about buying a Santa Cruz for my next bike I will be contemplation big the 5010 maybe??? Choices even yeti is cathching my eye!

  4. Please, it's an Aluminium frame. No metal is used in it's pure form for frame building, therefore steel and Ti bikes are all "alloy" bikes.

  5. Pay advertising! Not a real review, I am done with BikeRadar. Nothing negative? No Carbon, Sram NX and Fox rhythm for 3100 pounds – hilarious.

  6. Rode it as a demo. So freakin small… rode the xl and it felt like a medium. Components were meh for $3,600…. nx? Felt like a bmx

  7. I'm sorry what a waste if money…. I brought the last of the Solo's and it's probably the worst bike I've owned… it's like riding a truck… I don't get what the big deal is about theses bikes…

  8. To everyone questioning or complaining about the spec vs the price, please go out and ride this bike. Looking at the spec sheet, I thought "man, that bike is not good value" – but then I rode it. The feel of this bike is awesome. It just feels totally dialed out of the box. I rode dozens of bikes before landing on the 2018 5010. It is so much fine to ride and just has a lot more snap and charisma than the other bikes I test rode.

    After riding it for a couple of weeks, there is nothing I want to change on the bike. I like the grips, the tires, the saddle, the handlebar width and stem length etc. It feels like it was designed by folks who truly love to ride.

    I 100% agree it does not look like the best value on paper (look at the Giant Trance Advanced 2 as an example! Carbon frame, carbon wheels and WAY better kit for the money, but I found it totally dull and lifeless to ride in comparison to the alloy 5010). But again, take one for a spin before you write it off 🙂


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