In this 9th episode of our 2017 trip across the United States on the Trans America Trail (aka: TAT), we travel from a remote primitive campsite near Gardner, Colorado to near Marshall Pass. A nearly 11 thousand feet high mountain pass. Perhaps one of the most fun yet difficult sections we have encounter on our trip. Just another amazing section of the TAT. This Trans America Trail crosses the country from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast mostly off-road. Please stay tuned as we are committed to bringing you new episodes in the coming weeks. If you liked this video, please consider giving it a thumbs up, sharing it, and even subscribe to our channel so that you don’t miss future episodes. Thank you for watching, and Ride On Amigos!!!


  1. Another outstanding video!! Thank you again for posting such incredible footage of your adventure! Absolutely the best I’ve seen yet!

  2. One would think that after 9 of these they would become tiresome or boring. NAY NAY!! They are getting even better with the more challenging terrain and continuing entertaining bull #%!*. Thanks so much Carlos and I certainly hope you keep them coming. Not bad for a pair of city slickers. I believe that the one thing for a lot of us is adventure riding.

  3. Thanks so much for putting this together. I'm really digging the whole vibe and way you're traveling the TAT – it's awesome! Thanks again and I'm looking forward to next Saturday (for the next installment in the series!)

  4. This is the best video series of the TaT that I've seen to date. Your enthusiasm is infectious and really nails the spirit of adventure riding. Bravo!

  5. Another great video! Very appreciative of the time you put into making these. Great enthusiasm! Great drone footage!

  6. You guys have done a phenomenal job on these videos and I have truly enjoyed them especially this one with the handsome matador! Lol. Thanks Ron

  7. Hola Amigo Que tal? Another great video. Is that a bull? Are you sure it's a bull? That's a lot of Hamburgers. I almost pissed myself laughing so hard.
    Beautiful riding.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great Drone footage. Funny you ran into another New England rider on this trip. We hit Marshall Pass on a very busy weekend. We met so many Jeeps and trucks pulling trailers on the lower slopes. We barely were able to get by a couple times. Great video's, keep up the good work.

  9. Another great video from the "New Florida Boys". But just one thing. Is that a bull? Uh, are we going to have to explain to you how you can tell? lol Excellent job again. Keep up the good work but more important……keep on havin' fun.

  10. You never cease to amaze me with this series on your TAT adventure. Very well put together. By far the best TAT videos on YouTube!!

  11. Amigos! The best was when you both were contemplating how to get past the bull and the gentleman just rides up blows the horn and rolls through. The comments say it all…..I bet you guys inspire many a future TAT rider to take the leap and do it!!!!!!

  12. As always, top shelf editing of drone footage, sharing your details of daily route, on-the-road "obstacles" and finding local watering holes (double IPA sounds fabulous!). Appreciate the running commentary, too. Big rigs make it that much more … interesting, no?

  13. How did your Ram mount for your cell phone do? Was it able to hold the phone ok in the rough terrain? Great videos and excellent quality.

  14. Hi. I can not believe how each chapter is so spectacular!!!. The work that you do every week is incredible. You have made a unique trip and being able to live it with these videos is a privilege that you gives us. Definitely the best Tat videos I've seen. Gracias amigos!!!and sorry for my English.

  15. Excellent series Oscar. I enjoyed watching the whole thing up to this point today. One question, if you were to do it again do you think you might want to ride a lighter motorcycle?

  16. Another awesome episode! We look forward to each new episode!
    Totally agree with others it’s the best TAT video series out there!

  17. Wooooo! Yes – yet another awesome video! I especially loved the Aspens – that was just beautiful! Thanks Amigos! Carlos – I always love also watching you capture the best drone shots! Thank you!

  18. Another great video. Overall it looks like you guys had nice weather. Most TAT videos that I have seen include scenes of miles of mud.

  19. I just binge watched all 9 episodes…I enjoyed them all. I'm based in NM so I have ridden all the CO stuff already, but a lot of the stuff back east looks interesting. Me and my riding buddies shoot some video, not on the scale you do, but we have been talking about getting a drone. Can you give any recommendations on what kind of drone is needed to do the level of videos you are capturing? Thanks, I very much look forward to seeing the remainder of your trip.

  20. City boys running with the bull–too funny!  Breathtaking scenery and continued amazement at the incredible drone footage.  And of course, Carlos is always entertaining!  Can't wait to see what Episode 10 will bring  🙂


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