While visiting the IZIP headquarters in Southern California, I was able to spend some time digging into the TranxZ DP27 / DP15 LCD display and control pad and wanted to share some of the deeper settings with a short video overview. In this video, I show how to enter the range menu, explain how walk mode would work if it was enabled, and discuss the amp control settings aka “power trim” (so you can raise or lower the motor power and create a zippier or more efficient experience). Many electric bikes that use this display panel have an optional throttle accessory (a button pad or trigger throttle) and I explain how that attaches and functions.

While this display is not removable or easy to swivel, the screen is very small and does not present the same glare issues as many larger screens. I really appreciate how this control pad features water-sealed buttons, a bright numeric readout, and includes a Mini-USB port on the right side. This port probably outputs 5 amps at 500 milliamps for use with portable electronics and smartphones. I did not love how you first have to activate the battery pack before turning the display on. This two-step process takes more time and could require some bending and reaching if you forget to activate the pack first before mounting the bike. I also feel that the three-color battery indicator is not nearly as precise or easy to interpret as an LCD infographic or percentage readout.

Quick tips:
– The battery level is indicated by one of three colors: Green for full, Yellow for half-full, Red for nearly empty
– The current level of assist is indicated by four red LED bars
– The buttons on the remote button pad include: +, -, and Power but you have to power the battery pack on before the display will activate
– To change units from miles to kilometers, hold + and – simultaneously for a few seconds
– To activate walk mode, press the minus key until all four bars are empty (basically zero level of assist) and you will see a green blinking light, now hold the minus key (note that walk mode is disabled for many ebike products and may not work. If you add the optional button or trigger throttle, the bike needs to be in level zero or moving 2+ miles per hour for the throttle to function (as shown in the video at 1:59)
– Activate lights (many IZIP and Raleigh ebikes come pre-wired for lights or have them pre-installed) just hold the + button
– To enter the power trim settings, hold the power button and + together for a couple of seconds and then go from 0 to 9 to lower or raise the amp output, the default is 5 which offers 15% current difference +/-

Navigation aids:
– How to get a range estimate (relative to the selected level of assist) 0:45
– How to change units from miles to kilometers at 1:01
– How to activate walk mode and optional throttle at 1:20
– How to activate lights at 2:18
– How to adjust amp output (power trim) at 2:29

To compliment this video, I have also created a post in the EBR forums with written instructions and pictures which you can visit here:

The official TranzX website lists other displays and some specifications at:


  1. Hey Court, looking forward to when you do a review on the sondors fold sport & mini that just came out. Thinking of getting the sport but kind of bothered that it doesn't have suspension.

  2. I hate those color things. I am color blind and generally I can't tell the difference between, green, yellow, amber and red. So, these types of indicators are totally useless to me. I wish manufactores would really keep color blind persons in mind. Blue is of course good, and if they use just one of those four colors, then I can tell them apart, basically by default. Then also maybe adding a blinking red, so when that color comes up, it will be the only one that blinks and therefore I know for sure it is red. Of course, I would most likely just get a display mode, those are just black & white (gray) and are very easy for me to see. All I am trying to say here that with just a few thoughtful changes in design color blind people can red a display like this. I love your reviews, and always watch them as soon as you post. Thanks for being you.

  3. Hello my friend
    A few weeks ago I asked you for help in locating a charger…sorry I confused you.
    Your answer should have been to me
    -go to home depot and purchase the Black and Decker portable power supply unit that cyclist can carry with them too sparingly plugin and recharge their electric bike.
    Thank you

  4. hi Court, been away so long i almost forgot your name?! i too prefer the twist throttle, but my buddy won't use them. he was pulling to a stop up on a high curbed sidewalk, and his outside foot slipped off the sidewalk and down into the street. the sidewalk curb was so high, when he slipped off into the street, his off balance caused him to inadvertedly twist the throttle yanking him forward then falling on his shoulder into the street! he broke the shoulder because of the height of the curb as well! should he have turned off the bike before he started to stop, how is the preferred method in that situation? (we have a bet on this) thanks, nice to be back on your channel.

  5. Could you do a video with the Emojo cougar. It looks like a cool bike but very little info about it.
    Thanks Zack


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