1954 “Magnet” Bicycle. Awarded “Best Bicycle of the Year” by the Minister of Industry and Trade.
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  1. i garbage picked an old 26in raleigh mtn bike last chrismas and restored it to good as new. Windex really cleaned it up. what did you use to refinish the chrome?

  2. what did you apply on the bike and the leather to restore its beauty? how long did you do it? you did an amazing job!

  3. Wow. All I can say is wow. What a beauty. Can't believe it only took you two months to do it. The thing that strikes one (aside from the labour of love you put into restoring her) is the level of detail in the original design. There is no functional need for all those touches, but they put them there anyway to create the feeling of a craftsman's product and a cherished object. Love how you kept the original saddle.

  4. just want to say that I completely agree with your comment saying that it is a therapy, it is a great therapy. being completely Zen while restoring an old beach cruiser and aimlessly riding around town really helped with a deep depression I suffered with. its a form of meditation. being Zen isnt thinking about spirituality while removing rust from the rim. Zen is simply removing rust from the rim. completely in the moment with what you are doing at that exact moment.
    anyways, you did a great job on putting life back in to the original paint. may I ask how you got the rust and grime off with out damaging the paint?

  5. How did you do the chrome on the handlebars when it has so far gone? You must of put hours into this well done Ian

  6. Thinking about all the people who have ridden this bike, all the lost memories down through the years, to see it rejuvenated and ready to create new memories with new people instead of being thrown in the trash makes me feel quite emotional. You're a true craftsman and what you have sown in toil others will reap in love.

  7. This is absolutely a beautiful bicycle ! I accidentally run into you while looking for how to fix my Raleigh pedal on youtube. We have very common interest. I love these bicycles. I have 1 Raleigh 1 Chinese Phoenix,1 BSA made in India they are beautiful very comfortable bicycles. It is a pity that the world has advanced past these beauties. They are made of genuine steel parts, very elegant style 3 spring seats ! I applaud your video – really speaks my mind. I love Cannon since 1973 when it was discovered. I probably don't have all you knowledge/ skills to restore a bicycle in such condition, but I sincerely love these bicycles, very much. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. I am currently restoring two steyr his and hers early 80's single speed cruiser bikes exciting process, the stickers are going to be a challenge to replicate, and the aluminum emblems on the front of frame impossible to find, I am realizing how rare these bikes are, simply because I haven't found any like them, any suggestions?

  9. What an incredible work. I have a question : where can I find the piece of metal that holds the front light on the bicycle ? I have an indian "AddoIndia" bicycle and a vintage light that I'd like to fix on it, but this piece is missing. Thanks.

  10. fantastic work on restoring this japanese cruiser bike!
    you made this bicycle goergous. from a bike hobbist to another, hats of to you for your heart in this project. love to own one, my wife is japanese!

  11. This is a great video. I love the job that you did to bring the bike back to life. Where is the bike now? I would love to see it, since I am in Japan.

  12. no words i can find to appreciate your efforts- to me your restoration means like seeing the glory of past just as new as a garden flower !!!

  13. I can see a person riding this bike, back in the day it was new to them, tasks of the day…whatever…what wonderful effort is seen here to remind us of craftsmanship…but more about simpler times….

  14. This brings happiness to my life! Amazing work! Very impressive! True mechanical art! The greatest invention of all time… The bicycle.

  15. Merry Christmas! This is how I chose to spend my family time, haha
    Beautiful work. I was wondering if you took the bike/components apart or you worked on the bike mounted as found. Thanks!


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