Fluid trainers…the faster you pedal, the harder they go. The Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer uses progressive fluid resistance to give you a strong workout on days when you just can’t make it outside. The external flywheel facilitates smooth and efficient pedaling action. Wide, stable base provides solid performance during hard efforts. Check out the link below for full product information.

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  1. Not making the assumption that everyone understands skewer vs through axle (I didn't when I came here, not a bike expert), If you have quick release levers and your axle slips out of the frame through open slots in the frame, then you have the quick release (or skewer) setup. If your axle has to pass through holes on your frame, then you have a through axle. This trainer seems a great value and I am about to order one somewhere (whoever has the cheapest shipping I guess). I have a 19" MTB with 26×1.95 smooth treads (QR axle) so it seems a good fit. I read a review of this product on your site where the reviewer was 395lbs and had zero issues with this trainer. Not as heavy, but had same concerns so good to hear it holds up. Wondering about the quality of the Travel Trac front riser block. Seen reviews of some risers that split in the middle. Thank you for the site and for the video review

  2. is there a way to adjust the resistance on this trainer? I have one but find the resistance a little bit heavier especially for warming up.


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