What Mountain Bike’s 2016 test of the best mountain bikes has found a winner. We’ll be bringing you video reviews of the top 12 bikes over the next few weeks, starting with this Trek Fuel EX 9 29.
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  1. I want to buy the magazine, but I'm in Australia and don't want to wait for it to arrive by airmail… is there a digital version i can purchase for PC?

  2. Uh c'mon man. You're suppose to say " hand it over to Guy Kesteven, our tester-man, to see if you should invest in them ".

  3. Top hint at Bike of the year, the manufacturer has already listed in on the front page of their website as being the winner.

  4. Isn't active braking dependent on the location of the IC ( instant center) and the horizontal placement o the rocker link?

  5. Just built the 9.9 frame set with a pike 130mm ..Damn just such a dialed platform .. Add to that some 35mm Nox hoops and it is a true do it all..Love it

  6. No mention of the Fox 34 up front? Beast of a fork compared to the 32s of past.

    Any perspective buyers.. >>
    Get your LHS to swap out the XR3 for an XR4 up front, buy some hope pawls for the hub (they fit the sram hub fine) and call it a day =D

  7. Love my trek powerfly, absolute blast! Basically a fuel ex 27.5 with a motor LOL still trying to get the suspension dialled in.

  8. i really like the new 2017 fuel ex, however, they only sell the frame only in the 9.9 version. as the testers note and i 100% agree. the wheels are heavy and rubbish. spec may not be to everyone's liking but the frame is really good


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